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Podbean Releases Enhanced Analytics for Network and Business Plans! Network and Organization Wide Data Points and More!

We are excited to announce our newest updates to our Organizational Dashboard! For users on our Network, Business, and Enterprise plans, we’ve greatly expanded our analytics to include greater performance visibility across all of your podcast channels. Take a look here to learn more about what we’ve added!

What’s new:

  1. We’ve updated the counts of channels, admin users, episodes to allow you to review:
    1. Yesterday Downloads
    2. Last 7 Days Downloads
    3. Last 30 Days Downloads
    4. All Time Downloads .
  2. Downloads and Podcast channels are now integrated into a single chart, letting you directly view trends of downloads and changes of the channels.

Users on our Network, Business and Enterprise tiers will also have access to our brand new  Statistics ->Overview page, which shows users even more information across all of their podcast channels. 

Under the Overview header, you’ll be able to review the following information across all of your channels in a selected date range:

  1. A summary of the number of episodes released
  2. Podcast downloads of all the channels
  3. Play time of all private channels in a selected time range.
    1. Note: If you have not created any private channels, this header will change to “Followers” stats, meaning that this header may reflect either “Play Time” or “Followers” depending on the channel type. 
  4. Average Daily Listeners of all podcast channels

Downloads graph: Trends of podcast downloads of all channels in a selected time range and the percentage compared to the previous period. 

The brand new Statistics dashboard will also include our newly added Platforms and Download Sources graphs that will reflect your podcast’s activity on directories and download sources across all of your podcasts.

Our Statistics dashboard will also reflect Where Your Audience Comes From data, giving you the ability to view how your podcasts are performing in various countries across all of your podcast channels.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Podcasts and Episodes from across all of your podcast channels. 

The Daily Listeners graph has been moved to the brand new Statistics -> Overview page. Daily listeners from across all of your podcast channels. 

Our Statistics -> Report header will also be available to all Network, Business, and Enterprise users. Users will be able to download the “Download”, “User engagement intel”,and “Analytics” reports for a specified month. 

To learn more about Podbean’s Pro Network, Business, and Enterprise plans, visit https://www.podbean.com/pro.

About Podbean: 

Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting and social audio services as an industry leader since 2007. Podbean integrates publishing, management, distribution, monetization and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting platform. The Podbean community consists of over 600,000 podcasts, including corporate and organizational podcasts, and a rapidly expanding listener community on one of the top podcast apps for Android and iOS. Learn more at www.podbean.com.

Press contact: pr@podbean.com

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