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More Top Navigation Options on Podbean Layouts

We’re always working to help you make your Podbean site beautiful and functional. Podbean offers a wide array of modern themes, with many customizations.

We’ve just made an exciting new option available for many themes. You can customize your navigation menu with links to various pages. The navigation menu helps you present a site structure to your visitors, allowing them to easily find information. The menu can include any of the pages you’ve created in Podbean, and even outside websites/URLs!

To activate and manage this option, simply go to “Layouts”->”Themes”. Your theme will be at the top or you can preview/activate a new theme.

Click on “Custom” for the theme you’re using and click the settings icon on “Top Navigation”.topnavigation22Click “Add a Navigation”. Choose “Type”->”Pages” to select from your pages in Podbean and click on the check mark (make sure to save). Choose “Other” to add other URLs. Type in a name (the title that shows on your home page in the menu) and enter any URL. You might use this, for example, to link to your general website or another podcast you host. Click the check mark and save.

topnavigationimgYou can reorder the navigation with the arrows or delete something from the menu with the trashcan icon.

Now, this podcast site appears as pictured below.


Learn more about How to Customize Your Top Navigation Menu.

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