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Integration Powerhouse: Podbean and Descript Simplify Podcast Publishing

A Valuable Event to Transform Podcasting Workflow and Enhance the Creator Experience

New York, NY (Nov. 9th, 2023)

In an exciting event partnership, Podbean, the acclaimed podcast hosting and monetization platform has joined forces with Descript, the revolutionary audio and video editing platform to showcase the innovative Descript and Podbean publishing integration. 

Descript has long been at the forefront of audio and video editing technology, offering creators an intuitive and powerful platform for editing and collaboration. Now, with this informative and collaborative event, podcasters will learn from Descript’s Community Marketing Manager, Arielle Nisenblatt and Community Manager, Christiana Cromer along with Podbean’s Head of Events, Norma Jean Belenky about how to seamlessly publish your content to Podbean with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for laborious download and re-upload processes.

“This integration brings simplicity and efficiency to the podcasting process, and aligns with our mission to continue empowering content creators.  We are excited to provide innovative and seamless solutions for podcasters who want to publish and grow their audience with ease,” said David Xu, CEO of Podbean.

The integration comes with robust features that will save podcast creators precious time. It’s the ideal solution for those who want to focus on content creation and leave the technical intricacies of podcasting.  In addition to the user-friendly experience, Descript and Podbean are both working together to continuously enhance the integration. As the podcasting landscape evolves, so too will this dynamic collaboration.

For more information on the Descript and Podbean integration, visit these links from Descript and Podbean.

To register for this event you can register for FREE to join the live stream and learn how to use Descript and Podbean together:

Mastering Podcast Editing: A Deep Dive into Descript & Podbean Publishing

Thursday, November 16, 2023

2pm ET

Podbean is sponsoring and coordinating these events on their YouTube channel and Linkedin to make this content accessible to people all around the world. Participants can also register and follow all of Podbean’s events on Eventbrite.

About Podbean: 

Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting, live audio, and enterprise audio and video SaaS services as an industry leader since 2006. Podbean integrates recording, mobile editing, publishing, management, distribution, programmatic monetization and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting platform. The Podbean community consists of over 600,000 podcasts, including corporate and organizational podcasts, and a rapidly expanding listener community on one of the top podcast listening and recording apps for Android and iOS. Learn more at www.podbean.com.

Podbean holds monthly events, along with their live Podcasting Smarter and Corporate Podcasting Smarter episodes. You can find all of Podbean’s Live streamed events here with replays available on YouTube.

About Descript:

Descript is a leading platform that offers innovative tools for audio and video editing. Founded on the principles of simplicity and collaboration, Descript is transforming the way content creators produce and share their work.

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