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How To Submit Your Podcast To iMDB

Submit your podcast to IMDB

You can now submit your podcast to IMDB’s to be part of their online listing. IMDb is an accessible online database of information related to films, television programs, home videos, video games, and streaming content online – including cast, production crew, and personal biographies, plot summaries, trivia, ratings, and fan, and critical reviews.

 Here’s how to submit your podcast to IMDB’s database.

  1. Click this link here to review IMDb’s requirements and to submit your podcast. 
  2. Review the requirements to submit your podcast on the screen here. When you’re ready, click the New Title Form button.
  3. Here are the following steps pulled directly from IMDb.com:
    1. The name formatting of a podcast remains the same as a normal title i.e. The Joe Rogan Experience
    2. If episodic please submit as type Made for TV with the sub-type TV-Series
    3. If stand-alone please submit as type Made for Video
    4. For all, please add the keywords: category-podcast 
    5. If audio only then please also add the keyword “audio-only”
    6. A link to somewhere the podcast can be watched or listened to should be submitted in the Miscellaneous Link section, with the description WebsiteName – Full audio, or WebsiteName – Full video, as appropriate.
  4. Once you’ve completed your submission form, you will receive an email receipt for this submission and will be able to track your submission here.
  5. Please use the following formats to list commercials, music videos and podcasts.

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5 comments on “How To Submit Your Podcast To iMDB

  1. Interesting! Didn’t know about this. Isn’t Podchaser trying to be the IMDb of podcasts?

  2. do you have to pay IMDb to do this

  3. How to submit a GUEST and HOST? There is only “Cast” under Episode

    • John Kiernan

      Hi! Right now, “Cast” is their provided option, so your guests/hosts would fall there. Thanks!

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