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How to Set Up a Private Podcast

It’s easy to set up a private podcast in Podbean that is protected and only for permitted members. Once you have signed up a business account and have completed your organization page, you can set up a private podcast in three steps:

Step 1: Create your private podcast channel(s)

Login to your Podbean dashboard. Click on “Channels”. To create a new channel, click “Add a Channel”. Enter the subdomain and choose whether the channel is public or private (note: private channels cannot be changed to public).

private podcast demo image 1
private podcast demo image 2

To change a public channel to private, click the open lock icon. You will receive a pop up confirming that you wish to change this channel to private (you cannot change it back).

private podcast demo image 3
private podcast demo image 4

Step 2: Add private members

In the “Private” page, you can manually add private members by entering their email addresses or you can add private members in a batch by uploading a .txt file with one email per line. (You can click the i icon next to the “Batch add members” button to get a sample .txt file.)

private podcast demo image 5
private podcast demo image 6
private podcast demo image 7

Step 3: Publish an episode

Please make sure the “Private” option is checked when you publish the episode.


After following these three steps, your private channel is online and ready for your private members to access and play your content.

Your private members can access your private podcast via your Podbean site or using the Podbean Podcast app. Please note that your private podcast is not searchable or available for public access in the Podbean site and Podbean app. Your podcast will only be available to your private members who log into the Podbean site or Podbean Podcast App with their email and password (they will receive an email with this information after you add them as private members).

*Other authentication options such as SSO are available for custom enterprise users.  Please inquire about pricing and setup here.

4 comments on “How to Set Up a Private Podcast

  1. Catherine Murphy

    I have a question – is it easy to delete a podcast after people have listened? Is there a way to confirm who has listened to the podcast?

    Thank you

    • shannonpodbean

      Are you specifically referencing the ability to do this for a private podcast? We can do a lot of customizing for Enterprise plans and there is a feature which allows admins to tell who has listened (through the app). Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss the options.

  2. hello. does the access to the podcast from a private member will allow them to download or share the specific episode ? greetings

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