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How to Make a Podcast on Android

For a simple podcasting setup on your Android phone, the free Podbean podcast app is a great tool. Get the free Podbean app from the Play Store now. You can make a podcast on Android few minutes by following these simple steps.

Steps to Make a Podcast on Android

1. Sign up with your Facebook account or an email address.

Android app starting page

2. Enter the recording page by clicking the red “Record” button on the home page.

microphone icon in the home page

Or, click the person icon on the top right to enter your personal profile page and then click the red “Record” button .

person icon in the home page  microphone in the personal center android

3. Click on the red Record button (microphone icon) to start recording. You can tap to pause and resume at any time. You can also hit the play icon on the screen to listen to what you’ve recorded so far or hit the trash icon to delete.

If you make a mistake or have audio you wish to cut, simply tap stop at any point and hit “edit” (the scissors icon). You will see the audio file and can drag back to the point you wish to cut and hit “trim”. Then, continue recording and when done, hit “Save”.

start recording android app  save recording

(Optional) Importing audio: You can also import audio recorded using other apps. On the record page, tap on the three dots on the top right and choose “import audio”. This will bring up a screen where you can choose from the audio files on your phone. Select the audio you wish to use and hit “Done”. From here, follow the steps below.

recording page menu android  import audio android

4. After hitting save, you will be taken to the “My Drafts” page. Tap the upload icon and you will go to the episode publishing screen, where you will need to add an episode title (five characters minimum), and can add an episode description and optional image. You can also choose to share the episode to Facebook and Twitter when it publishes. Click “Publish” when you’re ready, or “Save Draft” (top corner). Click the edit icon by a draft to continue publishing it.

save recording  upload recording

publish podcast android app  new episode android app

Congratulations, you’ve just made a podcast on Android! Your podcast is online now.

If this is a new account (or you wish to edit your information), click the three dots next to your podcast title to edit your podcast title, logo, category or description.

person icon in the home page  podcast menu

Edit button.png  publish podcast android app

Recording Tips: To record, you can use the Android speaker, but be aware of background noise and audio quality. A good headset or earbuds often produce decent sound quality. Or, you can get an external microphone. There are many good options, depending on your budget and audio needs.

That’s all it takes to make a podcast on Android! Some podcasters make a podcast on Android exclusively, while others use this process for occasional episodes when on the road, recording lectures or sermons, or doing live interviews.

When you sign up, you’re given a free Podbean hosting account. See Podbean prices and features for hosting options. You may wish to upgrade to get all Podbean’s great podcasting features. If you need to make changes or otherwise manage the podcasts made on your Android, you can manage all published episodes on Podbean.com website in your dashboard.


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