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How to Change Your Podbean Podcast Logo

Changing your podcast’s logo is easy in Podbean. Watch this quick demo video to see how a Podbean user easily changes their podcast logo. Podbean makes it easy to create the best podcast!

5 comments on “How to Change Your Podbean Podcast Logo

  1. Hi thanks for your video. When a channel logo is launched into networks like apple, google, spotify etc. can you update/change your channel logo in podbean and expect it to update downstream? (On all and previously published episodes?)

    • jolenenavarro

      SO is no one actually answering questions here? I have the same question as Paul.

  2. Was this answered? I’m also curious how this works upon updating the art.

  3. Same question, two years later…. [crickets chirping] ….. [tumbleweed rolls by]…..

  4. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic lately. The answer is it “should” update downstream but know that your image must comply with itunes, google, etc. podcast image criteria. For example, you might be able to get a new podcast image uploaded to podbean but if it is not a .JPEG or .png and is not at least 1400×1400 then itunes will not update your image as it does not comply with itunes standards for a podcast image (there are additional criteria for itunes image so make sure you do your research!)

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