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Podbean Goes Live with Fighting For Ukraine, a Podcast on the Frontlines

Fighting for Ukraine podcast event

Podbean’s Storytelling Podcast Week offers a special live stream event this Thursday with Yuriy Matsarsky, a Ukrainian journalist turned civilian fighter against the Russian invasion on the democratic country of Ukraine, and producer Stevie Manns 

New York, NY (March 22nd, 2022) – Podbean has announced a special event showcasing Fighting for Ukraine, a podcast created by journalist Yuriy Matsarsky and produced by Stevie Manns, recorded on the frontlines in Ukraine. The free, livestreamed event will provide an opportunity for audiences and podcasters to connect with what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine, ask questions in real-time, and learn about their podcast journey. 

“Podcasting as a medium offers the opportunity for journalists, and frankly everyone, to share their personal, lived experiences as they’re happening,” says David Xu, Podbean CEO. “We’re grateful to the journalists and storytellers who help people around the world hear about events unfolding in real time and bring us stories from the people being directly affected.”

The event  is live this Thursday at 12PM EST (9AM PST) and participants can register via Eventbrite here and directly join the live stream via the YouTuFbe event.

Podbean is coordinating this live event on their YouTube channel to make this content accessible to people all around the world both live and to replay. The event will also be available for replay through Podbean’s Storytelling Podcast Week podcast channels. Participants can also register and follow all of Podbean’s events on Eventbrite.

You can find the Fighting for Ukraine podcast here. In the show notes for each episode, you can see a list of ways you can support the work Yuriy is doing and organizations and links to help the people of Ukraine.

About the Storytelling Podcast Week Events: 

Storytelling Podcast Week and its ongoing events consist of live-streamed podcast episodes, panels, story salons and sessions with recorded episodes showcasing the audio art that talented podcasters are creating. The events offer listeners the opportunity to join the conversation and be part of the experience and help podcasters and listeners connect more deeply. 

To learn more about Podbean, visit www.podbean.com.

Press contact: Norma Jean Belenky, Head of Events, normajeanb@podbean.com

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