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Fighting for Ukraine Podcast Determined to Continue in Its Mission

Fighting for Ukraine podcast

Journalist and Civilian Fighter, Yuriy Matsarsky, shares powerful stories from the frontlines of the Ukrainian resistance in his Podbean-hosted and sponsored podcast

New York, NY (June 27, 2022) – Yuriy Matsarsky is a Ukrainian journalist turned civilian fighter against the Russian invasion on the democratic country of Ukraine. In this podcast he provides regular updates from the frontlines of the Ukrainian resistance and gives glimpses into daily life and what Ukranians are facing.

Yuriy explains his thoughts at the beginning of the resistance: “As a journalist I thought, ‘You shouldn’t be involved in this. You should be watching from the sidelines.’ But the Ukrainian citizen part of me told me, ‘No, this doesn’t work anymore. You should protect your country, you should protect your loved ones, you should protect your freedom—you should protect your people.’”

Podbean is proud to host this powerful example of journalism and storytelling through the accessible medium of podcasting. To help support Yuriy’s continued efforts, Podbean is providing in-kind sponsorship and seeking to spread the word to bring in continued funding for the project.

Check out Fighting for Ukraine and make sure to subscribe for the latest updates. 

Podbean held a special live interview event with Yuriy and producer Stevie Manns in March as part of Podbean’s Storytelling Podcast Week live events. You can watch the interview here: Fighting For Ukraine: Live, Podcasting from the Frontlines.

How You Can Support Fighting for Ukraine’s Efforts

Like most men in Ukraine, Yuriy has been separated from his family as he stays behind to defend the capital city of Kyiv. His family are now safely in Europe and he is trying to raise money to send them as they are now refugees in a foreign country. Yuriy also hopes to be able to carry forward this experience to work as a podcaster if he survives and sees the successful restoration of his country.

If you are a fan of his podcast and can spare some money for Yuriy’s cause, it would be very much appreciated and would go a long way to helping Yuriy feel like he can provide for his family through his work.

As Yuriy shares, “This fight is not only for us. We are fighting for the whole world. I really, really love the United States, and the United States people. We love the same music, we love the same books, we love our kids in the same way. Please help us.”

Yuriy’s Podbean Patron where you can make a monthly contribution:  https://patron.podbean.com/yuriy

Yuriy’s GoFundMe campaign to support his family: https://gofund.me/6bef49ba

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