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Engaging Your Audience: Viewing and Managing Podcast Comments

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Podbean offers various audience engagement tools in the Podbean app. One of the primary tools is listener comments. Podcasters can read comments, reply, add their own comments and delete inappropriate comments.

We have now added these comments to your Podbean podcast site. If you click on an episode, any comments you have will be listed there. You will also be able to see recent comments on the home page of your Podbean dashboard. This gives you a quick view of the latest feedback from listeners. You can then go into the Podbean app to manage your podcast comments.

Engaging with your listeners via Podbean app comments is great for building rapport with the audience. It also gives listeners one of the easiest ways to leave you feedback right when they’re listening. This is often a much more likely way to receive feedback and engagement than other methods separate from where they listen. And, an additional benefit is that engagement helps our app algorithms to better tailor suggestions to listeners. In other words, if your show demonstrates high engagement in comments the app is more likely to recommend your podcast to listeners of similar shows.

If you have any questions, contact us anytime at help.podbean.com or via live chat.

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  2. Interacting with your audience through the comments section of the Podbean app is a wonderful method to build connection with the people who are listening to your podcast.

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