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3 Ways You Can Build your Email List Today

Your podcast needs an email list. Even if you’re sure yours is different, your podcast needs an email list. Why? Audiences are slippery and returning listeners are the lifeblood of your podcast. There is a lot of demand for your listeners attention. They live in the real world with real lives. If you want them to come back week after week, you have to give them a reason and remind them of it. There are no tools more effective at this kind of repeated personal touch as email, but it comes with a catch: people have to opt in to hearing from you. So how do you build a mailing list that helps to build your podcast? It takes time, effort, patience and experimentation to build a robust list, but here are three things you can be doing today to get you down that path.

Leverage Your Website

Owning your communication channel is like having a backstage pass to your audience. It’s direct, personal, and goes beyond the limitations of social media algorithms. You can see the audience on your website with far more precision than in any other medium. Through tools like Google Analytics you can see exactly what content is working with your audience to help you strategically placing opt-in forms on your podcast website. These forms act like a digital handshake, inviting visitors to join your inner circle. Optimal placements include prominent pages, sidebars, footers, and, of course, the end of your blog and podcast posts. By seamlessly integrating these forms, you create multiple touchpoints for potential subscribers.

Give Your Listeners a Reason to Subscribe

Effective calls to action through existing networks are the secret sauce for turning casual listeners into dedicated subscribers. Most of your list will start out as a listener, you have their ear so make sure you are directing them to engage further.

Craft your messaging around your most popular content, enticing listeners to hit that subscribe button with inside looks, or access to benefits not available through other channels. Share the love on social media platforms by cross-promoting your podcast and email list. Think of it as a symbiotic relationship – your podcast attracts, your email list retains.

Get and Learn the Tools To Make A Compelling Email Campaign

Automation isn’t just for robots; it’s for savvy podcasters too. Set up welcome series emails for new subscribers. Think of it as your podcast’s red carpet welcome – personalized and engaging. And when it comes to newsletters, don’t overlook the power of design. Your messaging is only as effective as your audiences instinct to read or delete when they see it in their inbox. Whether you prefer a sleek plain-text vibe or a visually stunning template, make sure it aligns with your podcast’s brand in a way that resonates with your listeners identity.

There is no easy button for podcast growth. There is however a tried and true formula that virtually every successful podcast has followed: Make great content that is valued by an audience, give that audience a way to remember you, and take every opportunity to engage with them as personally as possible. Email marketing gives you the ability to do all three and there’s no better day than today to get started.

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