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We listen to you! Podbean Statistics Updates

It’s been a couple weeks since we released the new, enhanced Podbean statistics platform and we’ve been hearing from users who have been trying it out and enjoying better insight into their audience. We’ve also been getting a lot of suggestions for improvement and questions about particular features.We thank you, as this user feedback is vital so we can continue to offer the best platform for podcasters.

Our tech team has addressed the following key issues that users shared with us:

Our new platform had removed feed hits in favor of other data, but users commented that they wanted to be able to continue viewing feed hits. We have already reinstated this feature under the “feed hits” tab. Feed hits shows how many times your feed is fetched.


We have heard from some users about the removal of site visits in the new platform and we understand the value of analyzing your site’s popularity. In order to bring you the best functionality, we determined it was best to allow users to link their site with google analytics. Visit the “google analytics” tab in your stats to add your google analytics account ID. This will give you the richest insight into your podcast site traffic and marketing effectiveness.


The most recent plays stats were initially removed from the new tool, but can now be found again under your “trending” and “Feed Hits” report. Scroll down and you will see “Episode Player Data (Latest 50)”. Here you will find data on the latest 50 plays including: time, ip, country and client.


We encourage your continued feedback as you try out the new tools. Podbean strives to offer the best features while maintaining simplicity for our users. We want to make it easy for you to have the best podcast possible, so let us know what you think.

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