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Top 10 Podbean Podcasts of 2017!

We’re excited to congratulate the top Podbean-hosted podcasts of 2017! We have featured the most downloaded Podbean podcasts on the Podbean home page, as well as the top 10 in each category. The podcasts will also be highlighted in the Podbean app’s recommended banner throughout January. Make sure to check them out and join us in congratulating these podcasters on this huge accomplishment.

2017 Top 10 Podcasts
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11 comments on “Top 10 Podbean Podcasts of 2017!

  1. Listen The Brazilian Podcast “Café Brasil” is the best podcast in language portuguese!!!!

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  3. Café Brasil is a great podcast broadcasting not only amazing brazilian music (not the usual you might know), but also bring to the listener new and good insights about the current issues of our society.

  4. If you like and want to practice Portuguese, I strongly recommend the Café Brasil Podcast with its high level content, this is not only about Brazil, it is content for life no matter where you are from. Café Brasil is a Master Life Administration class and fitness for your brain.

  5. I’m asking myself why you are not listening the very best Brazilian Podcast of the World, of course I’m talking about Café Brasil hosted by Luciano Pires. There are good food for thoughts.

  6. I love this podcast and brotherhood.
    The best and most powerful means of becoming a person into a better person.

  7. I´m not surprised about Cafe Brasil being a Top 10 podcast. It´s an excellent podcast for personal development and always with good songs related with the subject of the episode. And for them looking for tools to pracice Portuguese, Cafe Brasil offers the transcript of the episodes.

  8. Excelente herramienta para los que esten interesados en aprender Portugués y a la vez conocer más sobre Brasil y del mundo en general a traves de su magnifico conductor Luciano Pires. Lo recomiendo!

  9. rafael fialkowski junior

    Congratulations to Luciano Pires, Cafe Brasil podcaster idealizer.
    The most powefull podcast to add knowgement with sensebility.

  10. Café Brasil are my favorite podcast for 4 consecutive years (or more). I love the way that Luciano Pires make the episodes and how I stay reflective after listen the podcast

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