tips for promoting your podcast in 2022
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Tips For Promoting Your Podcast in 2022

But what are you doing to promote your podcast? Where do you start? Click here for promotion tips and tricks!

Every podcasting pro, no matter their audience size or niche, speaks on how important it is to promote your podcast. While recording and editing your podcast can seem like the bulk of the work, you’ll find that promoting your podcast will take its own strategies and energy separate from producing your podcast.

But what are you doing to promote your podcast? Where do you start? 

Check out these podcast promotion tips to help you get started:

1. Turn To Your Podcast Host 

Your podcast hosting company often does more than just host your podcast files; they should also offer different ways to monetize and various tools to make podcasting easier. Not every host offers this, but some may also provide resources to promote your podcast. We’ve covered monetization methods before, so our focus will be on promotion with your podcast host.

Within Podbean, there are a couple of ways that your podcast can be promoted. The primary way is by being featured! Every week, three podcasts are featured on Podbean’s app, directory, and social media. This feature is reserved just for Podbean podcasts, and every podcast is eligible to be featured once!

Once you’ve been featured with Podbean (or if you’re not hosted with Podbean and still want to take advantage of Podbean’s wide audience), there are many other ways to leverage Podbean in your promotional strategies such as advertising using banner and player ads. Check out some of these options here!

2. Promote Your Podcast…On Another Podcast!

Advertising your podcast on another podcast is definitely one of the best routes to take when it comes to promoting your podcasts. Podcast advertising is similar to television advertising in terms of effectiveness, but works with a wider range of budgets and is more easily accessible by advertisers big and small. By advertising on another podcast, you’re allowing the medium to carry the work by going directly to audiences that already enjoy podcasts. 

With a podcast ad campaign, you can be as granular as you desire to ensure that you’re reaching your target audience. From geographically locking your ads to specific countries, states, and even cities, to manually picking the podcasts that you’d like to run your ads on, you can be in complete control of your podcast ad campaign. You can even make adjustments to your campaign as it runs to cater it better to your intentions.

Curious about starting with podcast advertising, but don’t know where to start? Podbean has several tools to assist with dynamic ad insertion, from our Ads Marketplace platform to the new promotion tool built right into your dashboard. Choose what plan works best for your budget, and we’ll choose the best podcasts to ensure that you’re getting the maximum number of impressions.

Click here to learn more about our promotion program, and click here for tips on creating the best ad for your podcast campaign! 

3. Explore New Mediums, Both Online . . .

One of the best ways to go about promoting your podcast is to take to social media.The key thing, however, is knowing how to use your social media channels in a smart way – if you’re only posting updates when your latest episodes are live, you’re not going to get much engagement or promotion. 

Your social media channels are going to be as much of an experience as your podcast is. It’s important to have content there for your fans to enjoy alongside your podcast itself. Social media channels are the ideal place to post audiograms (video made from your audio clips) or other video clips from your podcast, alongside graphics that accompany or highlight content you cover. 

Some social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter also let you create more engaging types of posts that allow for polls, opinions, and more. These types of posts give you more options for different types of engagement with your audience. The key in all of this, of course, is to ensure that you’re creating content that can be engaged with, and engaging with other creators’ content in return. By engaging with others – commenting on posts, replying to tweets, sharing their work with your followers through retweeting or resharing – you’re showing that you’re someone that can be engaged with. 

4. . . And Offline

Promotion opportunities don’t begin and end with your keyboard and your internet connection. There are plenty of ways to get the word out about your podcast in the offline world, from physical promotion swag to appearances at your favorite podcast con.

Locally, look for places that would be okay with you hanging up a promotional poster or leaving a pile of flyers for people to check out. Get creative with your podcast’s marketing efforts!  Depending on your location and your bandwidth, get crazy with some chalk and tag sidewalks with your podcast’s handle or specific hashtag. Your audience could be closer than you imagine, so don’t be afraid to start small and local.

If you’re staying local, look for in-town (or close to in-town) conferences and conventions that are looking for guests or promotional booth vendors. Pop culture conventions can give you the space needed to promote your content to local audiences that enjoy podcasts, but in a much more targeted fashion than flyers. They’re also a great chance to engage with your fans in a physical setting, and increase the likelihood of new listeners via word of mouth.

Larger podcast-themed conferences are also a great place to go to promote your podcast. Whether you go simply as an attendee, or submit an idea for a podcast panel or demonstration, you’re going to be among like-minded people who are involved in the podcasting space and open to giving new shows a try. They can be an ideal place to build your network, nurture relationships, learn and grow. You might walk away with new ideas to promote your podcast and new connections for cross promotion and community building.

If you’ve never been to a podcast conference before, here’s what you can expect, as well as some tips to make it as enjoyable and as effective as possible. 

5. Keep Making The Best Content Possible

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the most important thing to do when promoting your podcast is to keep producing the best content you possibly can. As you’re trying to bring more listeners into your space, you want to keep providing the kind of content they’re following you for. No matter how much marketing of your podcast you do, if you are producing a great podcast, your audience will grow over time. And, conversely, if you aren’t providing quality content, your marketing efforts won’t get you sustained growth.

Ready to take the next step in promoting your podcast? We’ve got plenty of great tools and resources here, as well as other cross-promotional tools available

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