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The Best Way to Promote Your Podcast

The Best Way to Promote Your Podcast

There are a million ways to promote your podcast. Some are effective, while others might be a waste of time (and money). And, of course, what works is dependent on “where your audience is”. This is why promoting on other podcasts might just be the best way to grow your audience.

Why is podcast cross-promotion one of the most effective podcast marketing strategies?

  • Podcast listeners already know how to listen to podcasts, which removes one big hurdle you may encounter when you promote elsewhere.
  • Listeners love content suggestions. This type of marketing comes across as helpful information and listeners pay attention.
  • You can target listeners who already like similar categories of shows. This solution brings you right to where your potential audience is.
  • They can subscribe/download your show right away. They’re in the midst of listening, so it’s not something they have to remember to do later.

Why use Podbean’s ads marketplace to promote a podcast?

Cross-promotion is effective. A lot of podcasters are already doing it. We see many discussions about it in Facebook groups and hear the promo spots often. However, it takes a lot of time to set this up (networking, contacting podcasters, sending your promo, discussing details..and typically, arranging and running the other podcaster’s promo on your show). With Podbean’s ads marketplace, you can have promo spots running within minutes. Yes, you’ll need to spend some money. But, you’ll save valuable time. You can also reach a broader range of listeners than it might be possible to get via personal connections.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to get results. You can view your analytics to see just how your ads are delivering. And, you can run additional campaigns anytime, such as when your podcast needs a boost, has a new season, or your topic is hot and you know it’s a prime time for interest.

If you’re spending any money on Facebook ads or other promotions (or considering it), take a look at Podbean’s ads marketplace first. Podcasters tend to get a much higher return on investment (ROI) from these campaigns.

Learn more about promoting your podcast or business with podcast advertising on the Podbean Ads Marketplace.

How to Use Podbean’s Ads Marketplace: Three Simple Steps

  1. Log into your Podbean dashboard and click on the “Ad Management” section. There you will find an option to “promote your podcast by advertising on other podcasts” where you can create campaigns.
  2. Set up your campaign. You can pick geographic areas for your ads to run and podcast categories to target. You’ll also select ads positions and a package/budget, as well as a campaign start and end date. You will upload your audio file of your ad (this is your chance to get potential listeners excited enough to check out your podcast!).
  3. Launch your podcast ad campaign. The Podbean team will approve it and have it running, typically within a day or two (according to your start date) and you can view your analytics to see impressions served. Start getting new listeners!

Read our full Support article “How to Create a Podcast Promotion Campaign“.

You can also sign up your podcast to receive ad revenue. You can now do that, along with setting up any of your own ads to run dynamically with PodAds, in the ads management section of your Podbean dashboard. Learn more here.

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  2. I was registered for the 10am EST / 9am CT “Promoting Your Podcast” webinar – but when I click the link it sends me to a register page to sign up for what looks like the same event on 8/14. I cannot continue to set aside time for this if it is not going to work. Will this content be available “on demand”?

    • Shannon Martin, Podbean

      You can email me shannonm@podbeandotcom and I can send you a recorded version.

    • Shannon Martin, Podbean

      You can email me shannonm@podbeandotcom to send you a recorded version.

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