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The Benefits of Podcasting in Business with Lauren Smith of St. James’s Place

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Keeping your employees connected and engaged with your company’s initiatives, goals, and training is at the heart of internal communication strategies. Companies also strive to not just grow their brand’s market share, but also to become a thought leader in their given field. St James’s Place Wealth Management discovered that the accessible, intimate medium of podcasting allows them to achieve and excel in both of these areas. Read on to learn how St. James’s Place has incorporated private podcasts and company branded podcasts into their place of work.

Based in Cirencester, England, St James’s Place established their foothold in podcasting in 2019. SJP’s Content Strategist Lauren Smith explained that while they started with two channels, St. James’s Place has now grown to host five podcast channels. 

“We launched two podcasts in September (last year) and now we have five. So they really blossomed over that time, which is a testament to their popularity and potential. We have five podcasts in total. Four of them are internal. I’m responsible for two of them from the investment division.”

Their company branded podcast, “Tomorrow Comes Today”, serves as a vehicle for St. James’s Place to grow in the public eye as an authority in the wealth management space.  

“That’s one of our two flagship content formats where famous guests will join with internal experts to explore the trends and ideas that are shaping the space that we’re in. The purpose behind that one is to help establish SJP as a thought leader and increase our reach/visibility among our target audiences and really be part of the conversations that the industries are having at the moment.”

While their company branded podcast “Tomorrow Comes Today” is designed to target the general public, SJP’s private internal podcasts are designed to connect their partners and employees across their organization.

“The primary audience is partners and advisors, but they’re accessible to some of our head office, as well. Their purpose is to keep partners informed and up to date with markets that might impact their clients, important internal updates. Then there are two internal podcasts that are more focused on advice….the advice aspects of the partner / client relationship.”

St James’s Place’s private internal podcasts have become a staple of the day-to-day routine of their employees. Pre and post-COVID, communication was a key component of keeping partners and employees informed and up to date with St. James’s Place’s happenings and internal information. Lauren’s team strived to discover the best internal communication tools, which is how they came across podcasting.  

“We’re always looking for ways to make our communication more accessible and engaging. Where we started with internal podcasts was thinking about our partners and getting a sense of their needs and the kind of communication that would work best for them. Our partners are busy people. They’re often driving from one client meeting to another. They need to be on top of a lot of things at once. We were really excited for the potential role that podcasts could play in their routines. Helping them with their needs.” 

Lauren’s attention to their employees’ needs (especially their traveling partners) truly highlighted one of the biggest advantages of podcasts: their convenience to be accessed from anywhere in the world, especially using a secure, mobile solution such as the Podbean Pro App

“Accessibility was a real driver of the idea. Having the app on their mobile for us was a game changer. We really like the Podbean Pro element of that. We’re really cognizant of the other benefits of podcasting and its untapped potential. There are a lot of different ways you can communicate with your audience at a corporate level. You can do written, video, and audio.”

Lauren’s excitement around podcasting as the premier internal communications tool can be summarized in one word: personal. Podcasting, as a medium, has always allowed the listener to become immersed in the conversation they’re listening to (or watching). Lauren believes that this engagement is a large part of why podcasts have also become popular at St. James’s Place. 

“There’s something about podcasting: It’s more conversational. Because of that, it’s slightly more informal. It’s a more intimate and personal way of hearing from leaders within the company that we really like in terms of bringing people closer to what we’re thinking and connecting with our audience in that different way.”

Podbean’s Business and Enterprise podcasting solutions provide all the features organizations need to create, manage, and distribute their business podcasts. Learn more about Podbean Enterprise for private podcasts and company branded podcasts.

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  5. Lauren’s team strived to discover the best internal communication tools, which is how they came across podcasting.

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