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Simplified Podcasting Platform

Podbean aims to make podcasting simple, helping you put out the best possible podcast with ease. We’re always finding ways to improve the tools for our users, to take away unnecessary complexities or awkward features. Here are the latest improvements we’ve been working on:

“Pages” functionality: You will now find “pages” under the “layout” tab (previously under “publish”). Pages function as a brief description of the podcast. Pages will now be text only . However, if you were using “pages” before and attaching audio and video files, your account will maintain those features. The toolbar and comments will also be removed from the bottom of the page.

Embeddable players: Podbean now supports an embeddable player for https sites, with options for a single-track or multi-track player and customization. Learn how to embed a player on your own website, blog or social site at: http://support.podbean.com/customer/portal/articles/865956-how-to-embed-my-podcast-on-my-own-site.

Creating categories: We’ve simplified the process for creating a category. Rather than having a category menu under the “publish” tab, you can now simply create, edit or delete a category directly when you are publishing an episode.

Easier Layout Features: 1. Easily choose your header and background images. You can now adjust the header image and background image when you select a theme (rather than having to go under a separate tab for header image/background image).
2. We have streamlined by removing some of the less-used/relevant widgets. However, if you have been using a particular widget, that widget will remain available in your account.
3. Sidebar links are now easier than ever to configure! Simply drag and drop the link widget into the sidebar. Click the configure button to create, edit or delete the links directly.

We’re always working to make Podbean the best podcasting tool for you. Your feedback helps us improve. We’d love to hear what you think! Email us.

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