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Posting Your Podcast to YouTube: Podbean Launches Social Sharing to YouTube

Podbean has launched automatic social sharing to YouTube. Now, you can harness the power of YouTube by posting your audio and video podcasts to YouTube easily. Here are the simple steps to share your Podbean podcast on YouTube:

1.Go to “Social Share” in your Podbean dashboard and connect to YouTube. A pop up window will ask you to log in to your account and give permission to YouTube; click “allow”.

Allow Share to Youtube

2. Then you publish a podcast episode, you will now have YouTube included in the “share” section. Your episode will be shared to the networks you have connected, including YouTube. You can click any of these to turn them off if you do not wish that episode to be shared to a particular social network. Episodes will typically take about 10 minutes to display on YouTube.

Share in episode editor

The YouTube video title will be your Podbean episode title. Your show logo will be the static image for audio files. You can see all your videos, including any shared podcast episodes, under “My Channel” in YouTube.

*Please note, for content over 15 minutes in length, YouTube requires verification. You will see a note in your Podbean account; simply click the link and follow YouTube’s steps. If you have previously published the file to YouTube, they will block it from being published again (and you will get an email to this effect).


22 comments on “Posting Your Podcast to YouTube: Podbean Launches Social Sharing to YouTube

  1. Is there any easy way to share previously-published episodes to YouTube ?

    • shannonpodbean

      Right now, the share function only pops up for new episodes, after the social account such as YouTube is connected. Any new or republished episodes would have the option.

  2. The ability to publish the previous episodes on YouTube would be great and extremely welcome: developers of Podbean that the code is with you! 🙂

  3. How long does an episode usually take to publish to YouTube? I have a Podcast that is about 4 hours long. Any idea?

  4. Thanks for this. You guys haven’t yet added the Youtube share button to the page ‘share and embed’ (where currently, you can go and share past episodes on Twitter, FB, Tumblr, etc.). Could you add that button there as well so we can share old episodes? Thx

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  6. As others have said, I’d love to be able to post past episodes (as it stands, I can only share the 46th episode) to youtube. Any chance this can be rectified in an update of the social share?

  7. Royce Hairston

    Being able to share previous episodes is a must as evidenced by all the above (unanswered) comments to that effect. I hope this gets added very soon or we at least hear that you aren’t going to do it so that we can move on to another host who will.

  8. Andrew Lake

    Do scheduled posts for Podbean also schedule on Youtube so they publish in the future at the same time?

  9. RetroMovieRoundtable

    Please Podbean help us be able to post previously published episodes to You Tube. adding the share button in previous episodes would be helpful. Or better yet if there was a way to automatically sync your entire Episodes List with your You Tube Channel to publish all previous and future episodes to You Tube. Love Podbean, but please make this change for the better.

    -Retro Movie Roundtable Podcast

  10. Please build in function to upload previously published Podbean episodes to YouTube.

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  12. 2019 now and you haven’t answered in here since 2017. Any way to post previously episodes on Youtube yet?

  13. I’ve bin trying to find a way to upload to YouTube for weeks. There is no option for it at all.

  14. Any sign of being able to add old episodes yet?

  15. As Everyone’s asked above when will the YouTube connection load previously released episodes as well?

  16. Shannon Martin, Podbean

    Hi everyone! This is set up as an auto share on publishing, as part of our publishing work flow so it does not work for old episodes. There are some tools that can be used for audiograms (social promo videos) such as Headliner and Wavve.

  17. richgaccione

    Is there a way to change the youtube channel the podcast gets uploaded to? i have it currently linked to my personal youtube via my google settings and being i used personal info instead of podcast specific info when signing up in the beginning. Id love to be able to get the podcast to upload to the Podcast youtube rather than mine but i cant find the simple option. Any help is appreciated!.

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