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Podbean releases auto-generated podcast transcription and closed caption feature!

Podbean releases auto-generated podcast transcription and closed caption feature!

Podcast transcripts are a great way to maximize your podcast’s SEO on search engines and podcast directories. Podcast transcripts are also a powerful tool for connecting with a potential audience who may have hearing accessibility needs. Podbean has just released their auto-generating podcast transcript and closed caption feature for any paid Podbean plan. 

The closed captions will show on the podcast website, embedded players, and the Podbean app, and the Podbean Pro app. Once the podcast is transcribed, you can download the transcription as a .SRT file or a .TXT file. Using Podbean’s brand new Closed Caption plugin, you can upload the caption of your audio or video, which can be automatically displayed when your audience listens to your podcast. If you’ve already created a .SRT transcription file, you can simply upload that. You can also have Podbean transcribe your episode for you.

Here are the steps to add closed captions to your episodes.

  1. Log into your Podbean account.
  2. Click on Podcast dashboard.
  3. On the left hand column, click on Settings – Plugins.
  4. Click the Get More Plugins button.
  5. Click the “Closed Caption” button. On the left hand side, click the Get The Plugin button.
  6. You’ve now added the Closed Captions plugin to your podcast channel. Navigate to Episodes – Episodes List.
  7. Highlight your cursor over any episode, then click the Closed Caption button.
  1. If you already have a podcast episode transcript in the form of an .SRT file, you can upload it here now. You can also have Podbean transcribe the episode for you for only $0.20/minute. If you choose this option and click Transcribe, you will then be asked to type in your billing information.
  2. Once authorized, the system will generate the transcripts for you. We will notify you by email when it is ready. An average turnaround time for a 30-minute podcast is 20 minutes. An average turnaround time for a 60-minute podcast is 40 minutes.
  3.  Once your transcript is complete, you can download the transcript to your local computer as needed as a Captions SubRip file (.srt) and Plain Text Only (.txt). You can also edit the transcript once it’s completed. 

Please check the link in the description to review the supported languages for Podbean-generated transcripts.

To learn more about Podbean, visit www.podbean.com.

3 comments on “Podbean releases auto-generated podcast transcription and closed caption feature!

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  2. Christian Lübbert

    The plugin “Closed Caption” is not visible anymore.

  3. Robin Dean

    This free plugin offered by the service you pay for will then charge your credit card more money. So convenient! Dear PodBean CC plugin … you’re fired.

    But thanks for the wasted time suck!

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