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Podbean Unveils New Embeddable Players with More Custom Options

Podbean now offers podcasters more options for the styles and customizations of embeddable players. Check out the changes below.

Updated Styles

1 . Podbean offers two embeddable player styles: Classic and Stylish.

2 . The redesigned players have a new style which includes sound waves on the player.

Customizable Height

Users can customize the height for the stylish player (previously known as the square player). The default height is 300px. Other options are 450px, 600px or custom size.

More Multiplayer Playlist Options

For the multiple episode player, Podbean has added more custom options for the playlist:

  1. Display order: Episodic (From New to Old) or Serial (From Old to New)
  2. Episode Filters: Publish Time, Season Numbers (if users set season numbers for the episodes). Tags (if users set tags for the episodes).

You can create multiple playlists using Publish time, Season Number and Tags.

Season Number <itunes:season>

Episode Level: The episode season number. If an episode is within a season use this tag. Click here to learn more.

Episode Tags

Episode Tags can be used to organize the episodes on your podcast site. You can add tags in Podbean when creating or editing an episode. Click here to learn more.

29 comments on “Podbean Unveils New Embeddable Players with More Custom Options

  1. Damn this is good stuff 🙂
    Some nice tweaks that I know I can implement on my website really well.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  2. The Old style square player looked better in my opinion. The new stylish player distorts and stretches the artwork making text pixelated and not as crisp. Is there a way to change this or revert to the old style square player?

    • John Kiernan

      Hi Adam!

      Thanks for the feedback. There are a few things to look into: you can change the .px of the player to the predetermined sizes or to a custom size (could help in the distortion). Also, what are the dimensions of your current image?

      Also, please feel free to reach out to support@podbean.com and we can take a deeper look into your specific case and help you out.


  3. We’re glad to see that you are continuing to innovate and design tools that increase the perceived value of our podcasts. We’ve built momentum this year and having an upgraded look will help as well.

  4. Do they work on wordpress now or is that still broken?

    • This is what I was interested to hear. Wish I could embed on WordPress 🙁

      • I embed a player on my WP site…not sure what you mean by this…

      • That’s great, but it never works for me on my WordPress site

      • How are you embedding it then?
        If you have the latest version of wordpress running on your own private or shared hosting you should be using the “custom html” block to embed it.

        If you have wordpress hosted on the wordpress servers themself then it could be that they block that option from embedding, though I would not believe that would be the case.

        If the first thing i mentioned is true, how are you adding it?
        I use the embedded players on my site vorcera.com as well.
        Its directly on the main page so maybe I can help you out 🙂

      • Thanks for your help, really appreciate it. I’m embedding it via custom HTML. It appears in the preview but not the published post. Must be my theme blocking it.

      • Yeah there is a really big chance of that being the case.
        The only thing you can do in this situation is trying to find out what is blocking it in the code, which can be a big pain.

        Sadly that is something I can’t help with 🙁

      • No worries. Thanks for your help! 🙂

      • I can embed it in the body of a post or page. The Podbean players will not embed properly in a sidebar widget. I’ve tried several different themes and multiple configurations of the players and none worked. I switched to a third party player for the sidebar and it worked perfectly.

      • Thanks. Can you link to a third party player?

  5. Barry Evans

    What about the facebook audio player?. This is boring and drab and badly needs changing

    • I didn’t know there was a Facebook audio player… or maybe i skipped it becuase it was boring and drab

  6. I agree that I miss the square player option, I figured out how to do it by forcing the width and height to 400px but it would be nice to have the square option still there

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  8. So apparently it isn’t fashionable to actually like the new look. So I’ll offer my opinion. I love it! I like the sound wave. It’s a great improvement. Thank you for continuing to provide an amazing product.

  9. Am I now able to modify the mobile version? At the moment it’s horrendous as the player buttons don’t show up very well on top of my logo (regardless of the colour) and half my logo is missing. I can’t see were to select stylish or classic either when I go into embeddable player.

    • Ignore that, seems that the new version has sorted all my problems! Well done Podbean it seems!

  10. HRwisdom

    Nice one. Are there any plans for an audiogram/snippet maker like http://www.wavve.co ? It would be great to be able to make downloadable audiogram snippets to promote each episode on social media. If it allowed for transcriptions/captions, that would be amazing 🙂

  11. Great, I love the option to customize the dimensions.

  12. I do not see the options for classic and stylish on my end. I’m on a Podbean Unlimited Audio Annual Plan.

  13. The option to make playlists and embed on my website has been a huge help! I’ve wanted playlists for sometime, and nothing quite worked right until this. Now I’ve got some tagging to do, wish it was an option in API.

  14. Will there ever be a way to embed in a WordPress.com site the way Soundcloud and Bandcamp let you?

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  16. It’s really kind of you to make these changes and not have existing players update. I’ve had to painstaking go through 41 episodes so that our web site looks consistent. To say I am annoyed with your company and support staff who have been unfailingly unhelpful is an understatement.

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