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Podbean Launches New Premium Podcast Service to Help Podcasters Easily Sell Content

Podbean has launched a revamped Premium Podcast service, to enable podcasters to sell podcast content in a completely customizable way. Podbean Premium allows users to set up an unlimited number of premium podcasts, which can be an ongoing weekly show, a special series, past seasons, or a single episode. Podcasters can use the service to sell courses, bonus episodes, and all types of special content. What they sell and pricing is completely up to the podcaster.

Podbean Premium helps podcasters sell their podcast content in the Podbean apps for Android and iOS, taking advantage of listener engagement with in-the-moment purchasing. Buyers spend 20% more on in-app purchases. Podbean Premium makes buying podcast content as easy as a couple clicks. 

Your premium podcast is exposed to millions of potential listeners in the popular Podbean iPhone and Android apps. Podbean helps by promoting premium podcasts in the app for greater discoverability. Convert listeners into buyers anywhere, anytime with the convenience of Podbean Premium.

Podcasters can create and sell as much premium content as they want with no extra costs for storage or downloads. Podbean only charges a revenue percentage. Google Play and the Apple App Store also take a fee for the in-app purchases. All the payment processing and secure access to the premium podcasts is handled for the podcaster. 

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  1. What percentage of the podcaster’s earnings will constitute the total fees paid to you Google and Apple?

  2. great post thanks for sharing

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  4. This very god decision the launch podcast premium, and it will be helpful to podcasters that they will sell their content. Thanks for writting briefly about this.

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