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Maximize the Impact of Your Episode Art in Apple Podcasts

A Guide for Podcasters on iOS 17

iOS 17 is coming and with it some changes that will impact how your podcast artwork is displayed. To keep you up to date, we’ve created this quick guide for managing your episode art with iOS 17 and making sure it has the biggest impact possible.

Where does your Episode Art appear?

When provided, your episode art is prominently displayed on the following areas:

  • Episode Pages: Your art is displayed front-and-center, with your show art appearing underneath it.
  • Show Pages: Here, your art is presented next to the title and description for each episode.
  • Now Playing: The main art will be your episode art with show art displayed in a new section underneath it.
  • Lock Screen: Your art is displayed in the media controls section. Listeners can tap to expand the art to full screen.
  • Control Center: Access detailed media controls, including your podcast’s art.
  • Listen Now: This features a brand-new design for Up Next. When your episode includes episode art, it fills the card with the show art overlayed in the bottom left to provide additional context.
  • Links: Shared links to podcast episodes will display your episode art in the link preview.

There are certain areas, such as ‘Browse’, ‘Top Charts’, and ‘Search’ where episode art is not displayed. Instead, show art is used to give users a better understanding of where these episodes originated.

Best Practices for Creating Stunning Episode Art

Now that you know where your art will be featured, let’s get down to business and discuss how to create compelling artwork that resonates with your audience:

  1. Simplicity is Key: Since episode art can sometimes be displayed at a small size, avoid making your art too complex or including words that can’t be read at smaller sizes.
  2. Personalize Your Art: Art can serve as a shortcut to identifying the episode. Using guest faces or episode numbers can help listeners quickly connect with and locate their desired episode.
  3. Adapt to Art Adjustments: Your art can be cropped, blurred, or have other elements overlayed. Utilize the safe zones provided in the artwork template to ensure critical information is not obstructed.
  4. Group Stories Together: Similar art styles can group a series of episodes together. This visual connection helps listeners discover there are multiple episodes to tune into.
  5. Avoid Art Repetition: Duplicating the same art across all episodes can be monotonous. If you lack unique episode art, it’s better to forgo it than to replicate the same image.

Currently, the iOS 17 release date is set for the fall of 2023.  You can preview more details, updates and features here.

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