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Marketing to Hispanic and Latino Podcast Audiences

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s appropriate to recognize the notable increase in Hispanic and Latino audience listenership among podcasts over the past few years. More than half of Hispanic adults who listen to podcasts monthly say they started listening in the last year. Nearly a quarter of new podcast listeners are Hispanic.

A survey from Signal Hill shows that Hispanics represent a growing proportion of monthly podcast listeners year-over-year, coming in at 21% in 2023.

This presents a valuable opportunity for brands to engage with and market to additional engaged communities. Here are some key steps and considerations for marketing your brand effectively to hispanic and latino listeners: 

Multilingual Messaging: When possible, use both English and Spanish in your messaging and marketing materials to help broaden your reach AND listeners identifying with your messaging.

Create Relevant Content: Place your advertising campaigns and create branding content that addresses topics, issues or cultural references that are meaningful to the audience. 

Collaborate with Hispanic Podcasters: Similar to the point above, align your brand values and messaging with creators that are already reaching your target audience. This will help you reach an already established listener base. 

Engage on Social Media: This is a perfect opportunity to leverage a platform and behavior your target audience is already using daily. Share content, interact with listeners and build a community around your brand.

Community Involvement: Participate in and support events, initiatives or organizations relevant to the Hispanic and Latino communities. You can find these via social media or Google. Building trust and credibility within these communities will help foster a genuine relationship.

Cultural Sensitivity: This is the most important consideration of any marketing strategy and campaign. It’s imperative to ensure your marketing materials and messaging are culturally sensitive and respectful. Avoid stereotypes or assumptions about the audience and community. 

Long-Term Commitment: This isn’t just a quick, one-time campaign or strategy. Building a presence within a specific community and audience takes time and consistency as noted in this AdWeek article regarding Danone’s investment in the Hispanic and Latino listenership. To effectively engage with any target audience is a long-term commitment with pivots and creative revisions along the way. 

Overall, authenticity and a genuine commitment to understand and respect your target audience regardless of ethnicity, are key. Effective marketing to the Hispanic and Latino podcast listening audience goes beyond simply translating content; it involves creating a meaningful connection and addressing their unique needs and interests. 
Podbean’s podcast portfolio reaches the Hispanic and Latino audiences several times over and can help you amplify your message and brand to this target audience today. Learn how by reaching out to us today.

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