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How To Record Your Podcast: Podbean’s New Webinar!

Podbean is proud to announce the latest webinar to join its roster: How To Record Your Podcast!

In the world of podcast recording, there are so many different tools that you can use to record your podcast! Which tools should you choose to suit your needs? This webinar will aim to help you understand how to record high quality podcasts and give you a general understanding of audio gear, as well as best practices to achieve the best results.

The topics in this webinar will include:

  • How to effectively prepare and plan recording your podcast
  • Essential gear for home or remote recording (mics, headphones, interfaces, and more)
  • How to record high quality audio from anywhere in the world
  • Editing tips and tricks for producing your own podcast recordings

This webinar will also feature recording tips from some of the biggest names in the recording industry, such as Samson and Focusrite.  

Presented by John Kiernan, Podbean’s Head of Marketing, this webinar is for everyone who’s ready to start podcasting but curious about how to start recording!

Register for our webinar now – seats are limited!

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