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Google Podcasts Manager – How To Submit Your Podcast To Google Podcasts

Google has recently released Google Podcasts Manager, which makes it easier than ever to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts. Once your podcast has been indexed by Google and is viewable in Google Podcasts, you can monitor and analyze your listener data on Google Podcasts Manager. 

If you have a podcast and website (which you automatically do if you’re hosted with Podbean!), you can likely already be found there. Podbean’s sites are optimized so they meet Google’s requirements. Thus, any podcast using the combination of podcast hosting and website from Podbean will automatically fit all the Google specifications. However, it is still not viewable in Google Podcasts, Google Podcasts Manager makes it easy for you to verify ownership of your podcast and have your podcast indexed by Google.

Here’s how to use Google Podcasts Manager to index your podcast.

  1. Go to podcastsmanager.google.com.
  2. Enter your podcast’s RSS feed, then click Next Step.
    If you’re hosted with Podbean, you can find your RSS feed by logging into your account and navigating to Settings – Feed. Also note that your podcast must have at least one published episode in order to proceed.
  3. Google will show you a preview of your RSS feed.

  4. In order to verify your ownership, a verification code will be sent to the email address that’s associated with your podcast. You should receive an email with a verification code. Type in this code in Google Podcasts Manager to proceed.
    If you logged in using the email address that’s already associated with your podcast, Google will not need to send a validation code.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Your ownership of your podcast has now been verified. You should also see a message from Google stating “We’ve submitted your show to Google’s Podcast Index”. This is how to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts.
    Please note that Google states that the indexing process should take up to five days or longer.

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  1. mukundraiyani

    Nice way to expain for submit prodcast on google
    for more google earning

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