Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

New year new goals. 2019 is here and no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, it is crucial to keep yourself improving. We’ve selected some high-quality podcasts for entrepreneurs to help you get more productive and creative. You can listen while having a break, commuting to work or anytime you need inspiration. Entrepreneurs, it’s notContinue reading “Podcasts for Entrepreneurs”

The Podbean Podcast App’s Top Podcasts of 2018

  2018 was another exciting year for podcasting. The popular Podbean app for Android and iOS continued seeing growth in podcasts, listeners and engagement. We’re excited to announce the top podcasts from 2018 in a number of categories. Certain topics, such as true crime and investigative shows, continue to be popular but it’s also excitingContinue reading “The Podbean Podcast App’s Top Podcasts of 2018”

Diverse Voices: Recommended LGBTQ podcasts

Podcasting offers diverse voices a chance to shine and there are numerous podcasts sharing people’s conversations on gender, sexuality, politics, and many important topics for LGBTQ+ listeners and their friends and loved ones. Some podcasts explore intimate coming-out stories and may discuss topics like commitment and relationships, talking to family members, and dealing with bias.Continue reading “Diverse Voices: Recommended LGBTQ podcasts”

Podcasts for Christmas 2018

The holiday season is upon us. It’s time to rest and relax with your family. You can sit down together, grab some eggnog and watch your favorite family movie (or, even better, listen to some holiday podcasts!). We’ve selected some Christmas-themed podcasts to help you get in the spirit. Christmas Creeps Christmas Creeps is year-roundContinue reading “Podcasts for Christmas 2018”

Family-Friendly Podcasts for Thanksgiving Road Trips

The annual Thanksgiving holiday is approaching. Thanksgiving means not only delicious turkey, beautiful pumpkin pies, and family togetherness but also road trips.. 50.9 million people in the United States traveled 50 miles or more from home in 2017. Podcasts are the perfect way to relax and enjoy your time during the long trip. What’s more,Continue reading “Family-Friendly Podcasts for Thanksgiving Road Trips”

U.S. Politics Podcasts to Listen to for the Midterm Elections

November 6th, 2018 is a big day in the U.S….with important elections taking place throughout the nation. With significant races in the balance across many offices and covering many state regulations, there’s much to discuss and learn for voters and people around the world. Want to know more about the senators up for election orContinue reading “U.S. Politics Podcasts to Listen to for the Midterm Elections”

Best Arts Podcasts

Podcasts are a good way to satisfy your curiosity or passion for many subjects. Art is no exception. Whether you’re looking for something to add a little creativity to your morning commute or keep you inspired while you when you work on your own art, these podcasts are a perfect companion. Covering everything from visualContinue reading “Best Arts Podcasts”

Recommended Language-Learning Podcasts

If you want to learn a language, podcasts are a great place to start or to complement or further your studies. Language-learning podcasts are ideal since you can increase your exposure time to the spoken language. Whether your goal is to become fluent in a language or learn just enough for travel or to impressContinue reading “Recommended Language-Learning Podcasts”

Scary Podcasts for Halloween Fun

Halloween is coming soon. We plan out our creative costumes and look forward to pigging out on candy. Typically, many of us watch horror movies for a dose of Halloween fear. But, we have another idea for getting yourself into the Halloween spirit. Celebrate the spookiness of October with some scary podcasts. Bringing in creepyContinue reading “Scary Podcasts for Halloween Fun”

Podcasts for Education

Many of us don’t have the time to keep learning regularly because we are years out of school and busy at work. What’s more, self-education requires the motivation to seek information through various means such as books, documentaries, and the never-ending World Wide Web. Podcasts, on the other hand, allow you to pack in self-improvementContinue reading “Podcasts for Education”