How to Create a Podcast for Internal Communications (Protected/Private Content)

Creating Protected Audio/Video Content for Your Members or Employees

Podbean offers “private podcasting” to limit content access to permitted members (see plan pricing for the number of private members included with each plan; enterprise plans are also available for larger organizations and customized options).

With this feature, you can create content that is available only to members (“private content”). You can add members manually to your account, or batch add them by uploading a .txt file of multiple email addresses. You can also delete members individually or by uploading a .txt file. SSO and other authorization methods are available for enterprise users.

When you create private content, only these permitted members (such as your internal team members) will be able to access it. When those members login, they will be able to access the content online or by listening with the Podbean iOS app or Android app.

Learn more about Podbean’s tools for creating and distributing content for employees or members.

How to Upload Large Media Files to My Podbean Account: Using FTP

If your audio or video files are particularly large, you might want to upload using FTP. Here are the steps to do so.

To upload files with FTP, you’ll first need to download a FTP client. You can download the FTP client FileZilla here:, or choose another FTP client of your preference.

Then, follow these steps to upload your file via FTP:

1. Activate FTP uploads in your Podbean account.
Go to “Publish”->”Media Manager” in your Podbean account and click the “Ftp Upload” button.


Once you’ve clicked the “Activate FTP Upload” button, you’ll see your FTP server name, username and password.



2. Connect your Podbean account with FTP.
Open your FileZilla or other FTP client, and enter the “Host”, “Username” and “Password” into the boxes. The “Host” is the FTP server name in your Podbean account. Click the “Quick Connect” button to connect them.


3. Upload your files to FTP.
Go to the Local Site box, choose the file you want to upload, then right click and select “Upload” in the pop-up window. Alternatively you can just drag the file in to the Remote Site box.

4. Import the file from the FTP client to your Podbean account.
After the files are uploaded in your FTP, refresh the “Media Manager” page in your Podbean account and you’ll see all the uploaded files. Select the file and click the “Import” button to import to your Podbean account. After it shows as “Imported”, you can click the “Media Manager” tab on the left side of this page to see the imported files. You can click the “Refresh” button near the “Import” button to display more files that are uploaded in the FTP.



How to Create Premium Subscription Plans for Your Podcast

Podbean offers easy-to-use podcast monetization tools, including premium content options so you can charge for content. This can be done by charging a fee for a single episode or by creating premium subscription plans.

To create premium plans, first set up your account to be linked to Stripe for payment
(in the premium page of your dashboard) and then follow these steps:

Step 1. To add a premium plan, go to the “Premium”->”Premium Plans” tab and then click “Add a new plan” under the “Add Subscription Plan”.


Step 2. You can set it to be a recurring plan/payment (such as monthly) or a one-time payment (Season Pass) plan with fixed start and end date.


Step 3. If you wish to create a recurring plan, you can set the billing cycle for whatever length you want in days, weeks, months, or years. Name the plan and choose your price.


You also set up a flexible free or discounted trial period for your paid subscribers. It can be couple days, weeks or even months. Click ”Set Trial Period” to set the trial settings.


Step 4. Click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of this page and you’ll see the update success message.


When you publish episodes, you will choose “free” or “premium” in the editor. When you choose “premium” you will have the option to charge a fee for the single episode or add it to one of our premium subscription plans.

Though listeners cannot purchase premium content in the Podbean app, they can listen to it there if they are logged in with their corresponding login information that they used to purchase the content.

Note: If you wish for some paid content to be available to subscribers as well as for separate purchase, please post the file twice choosing each corresponding option. For best results, please name the audio files with different names.

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Podbean’s Embeddable Podcast Player

Did you know you can embed a podcast player on any site? Make it easy for listeners to discover and enjoy your podcast with Podbean’s embeddable podcast player!

It’s available under Settings ==> Embeddable Player.  With a few simple steps you can embed the player anywhere, and it will automatically sync your content and update with your newly published episodes. You’ll see a preview of the player and can customize it by clicking the “More options” button to change the size and font, and settings such as: download, share, and auto play.

Here’s the support article about embedding your podcast.


Just Released! Podbean Podcast iPhone App

The brand new Podbean Podcast app has just been released on the app store. The Podbean app offers podcast listeners a better way to listen to podcasts on the go. With the latest features, it’s easier than ever to explore and enjoy a whole world of podcasts, at your fingertips.


The free Podbean Podcast app helps you:

  • Access Podbean’s extensive network of podcasts, search by categories, and subscribe to your favorite podcasts or discover new podcasts while on the go.
  • Instantly stream or download podcasts to play any time, even offline.
  • Stay updated: automatic downloads of your latest episodes; option to auto-delete played episodes.
  • Stay organized with smart playlists; view your play history and mark favorite episodes.
  • Enjoy a streamlined interface and convenient player options such as play speed adjustment, timer and sleep function.

Visit the app store to download the FREE Podbean Podcast app today! Listen, watch, learn, enjoy; anywhere, anytime!

Contact us at with any questions. Stay tuned for our Android app, coming soon!

How to Manage Your Podcast’s Premium Subscribers

Podbean helps you create premium content which users can pay to access. When you create subscription plans, you can view the details and manage user information in the Podbean platform.

You can change a user’s password or give someone temporary access to premium content and more. Watch this video to see just how easy it is to manage your premium content and paid-subscribers in Podbean.

Podbean Offers Enhanced Twitter Sharing

Podbean’s Twitter sharing capabilities just got better! Now, when you share to Twitter, your podcast player is embedded into your Tweet so users can play the episode directly.

You can set up automatic sharing of each episode, and you or any site visitors can click the “share” button to tweet an episode. With the new embedded player, you can really tap into the power of Twitter for greater exposure for your content.


Premium Podcast Content: Creating Subscription Plans in Podbean

Podbean helps you get paid for podcast content with the option of premium content. You can create special premium content that users pay for and create one or more subscription options.

This tutorial video shows you how to create premium content and set up subscription plans for users to get paid content. There are different options, shown here, for the subscriptions. Podbean makes it simple to get the most out of your podcast, and we show you just how to do it!

Tour Podbean Podcast Statistics

Podbean offers an advanced statistics platform that lets you easily see how your podcast is performing and get key data to make your podcast more successful.

This video guides you through the Podbean podcast statistics platform, showing you the various statistics (such as plays, feed hits, most popular episodes) and graphs (such as geography, trends and client platforms) and describing what they mean to you. Take this video tour to better understand the great tools Podbean offers to help you succeed!