Fantastic New Release: Effector 2.0 Podcast Theme

Effector 2.0 is the latest podcast site template offered by Podbean. Effector 2.0 is a simple and smooth design that is also fully customizable. This theme has a prominent title bar and straightforward design to highlight your content, along with a full length sidebar for all your widgets. . Check out Effector 2.0 and all the podcast themes at Layout ==>Themes on your dashboard. Podbean helps your podcast site look great with ease!

Podbean’s Latest Podcast Templates

Podbean is excited to announce two great new layouts for our podcasters. Vivid 1.0 is a video podcast layout. It puts your videos front and center, with an attractive, graphic representation that shows off your video content. Pride 2.0 was designed with creative professionals in mind. Pride minimizes clutter through a simple, intuitive organization withContinue reading “Podbean’s Latest Podcast Templates”

Five Key Statistics to Understand Your Podcast Audience

Five Key Statistics to Understand Your Podcast Audience Statistics help you understand your podcast audience and guage how your podcast is performing. But, what do these stats mean? How can you use them to improve your podcast, grow your audience, and build your brand? Here are five key statistics and the secrets they have toContinue reading “Five Key Statistics to Understand Your Podcast Audience”

Simplified Podcasting Platform

Podbean aims to make podcasting simple, helping you put out the best possible podcast with ease. We’re always finding ways to improve the tools for our users, to take away unnecessary complexities or awkward features. Here are the latest improvements we’ve been working on: “Pages” functionality: You will now find “pages” under the “layout” tabContinue reading “Simplified Podcasting Platform”

We listen to you! Podbean Statistics Updates

It’s been a couple weeks since we released the new, enhanced Podbean statistics platform and we’ve been hearing from users who have been trying it out and enjoying better insight into their audience. We’ve also been getting a lot of suggestions for improvement and questions about particular features.We thank you, as this user feedback isContinue reading “We listen to you! Podbean Statistics Updates”

Podbean Unveils Unlimited Audio and Video Podcast Hosting Plans

Podbean Unveils Unlimited Audio and Video Podcast Hosting Plans The Podbean team is excited to offer two new podcast hosting plans that allow podcasters to publish an unlimited amount of audio and video each month. Podbean now offers two great new storage plans: an unlimited audio plan for as little as $9 a month andContinue reading “Podbean Unveils Unlimited Audio and Video Podcast Hosting Plans”

New Tutorial Video: How to Publish a Podcast

Podbean’s Support Team has created a new video walkthrough to help you start publishing your podcast.  The step-by-step instructions assist you in uploading and publishing your content with ease.  Our user-friendly interface makes this process as easy as a few clicks. In a few minutes, you’ll have all the information you need to get started!Continue reading “New Tutorial Video: How to Publish a Podcast”

Podbean Releases Enhanced Statistics System

Podbean just launched our revamped statistics system to give podcasters better insight in to their podcast’s performance and audience. With Podbean’s enhanced statistics system, podcasters can now get information about their podcast audience to understand who the listeners are, how they found the podcast, when and how they play the podcast, where they’re located, theirContinue reading “Podbean Releases Enhanced Statistics System”

New Podcast Permalink Function in Podbean

Podbean gives podcasters the ultimate power to gain new listeners through search engine optimization: an editable permalink. With this new feature Podbean is changing the way its podcasters can find and attract listeners. This easy-to-use function allows users to customize the link of each episode, generating more new listeners through internet searches. With a fewContinue reading “New Podcast Permalink Function in Podbean”