Podcast Advertising in 2020

Podcast advertising has shown itself to be incredibly beneficial to both podcasters and businesses. In our previous article on podcast advertising, we highlighted the ad spending of Marc Weldon, a company that spends a quarter of its advertising budget on podcast advertising after a single host-read ad doubled their sales. While podcast listeners are knownContinue reading “Podcast Advertising in 2020”

Three Common Pitfalls of Podcasting

You put a lot of effort and time into your podcast, crafting it to be the best it can be.  However, sometimes you find that your engagement might not be where you want it to be, or that your audience is more stagnant than you would like.  We’ve identified three common pitfalls for the modernContinue reading “Three Common Pitfalls of Podcasting”

Top 5 Patron Rewards

When it comes to your patrons, there are a wide variety of backer rewards that you can offer. There are specific rewards that patrons will seek out, or join your specific patron program to gain access to.  We’ve listed off 5 of the most popular patron rewards that fans look for, and what you canContinue reading “Top 5 Patron Rewards”

When Should You Publish Your Podcast?

When should you publish your podcast? Did you know that the times that you post can affect the visibility of your posts?  Or that by even adjusting the time you post your podcast can change how your listeners interact with it? There are many minute tweaks that you can do to increase visibility on yourContinue reading “When Should You Publish Your Podcast?”

Podcast Monetization Discussion

Livestream Recording: Yann Ilunga, Podcast Consultant and Founder of Podcast Growth Mastermind, and Shannon Martin, Director of Communications at Podbean, discuss ways to monetize your podcast, tips, resources and more. Listen here: Some of the topics Yann and Shannon discussed in this monetization live stream include: Why monetize your podcast? You might look at podcastContinue reading “Podcast Monetization Discussion”

7 Limited Budget Tips to Invest In Your Podcast

Whether you’ve been running your podcast for a month or a year, there are always steps you can take to invest in your podcast. Sometimes our budgets don’t want to accommodate things like investing in new equipment. However, there are ways to grow your podcast without breaking the bank, whether or not these are financiallyContinue reading “7 Limited Budget Tips to Invest In Your Podcast”

How To Make A Launch Plan For Your Podcast

The idea of how to launch a podcast sounds deceptively simple – as simple as podcasting can be, anyways.  Record your audio, open an account with a podcast host, submit your RSS feed, and you’re launched.  Right? While there’s nothing wrong with taking that approach, we’ve highlighted a few extra steps to take in yourContinue reading “How To Make A Launch Plan For Your Podcast”

Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks

You’ve now started your podcast. You want to get it into as many ears as possible.  Now how do you promote your podcast? How do you rise amongst the top podcasts with millions of downloads? These eleven tips and tricks will help get you get more eyes and ears on your podcast. Remember that firstContinue reading “Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks”

Promote Your LiveStream – Tips and Tricks

Livestream content has become an engaging form of media. Podbean now gives you the opportunity to livestream your podcast and engage your audience in new and exciting ways. What steps can you take to drive listener attendance and engagement to and with your livestream?  We’ve put together a list of best practices to promote yourContinue reading “Promote Your LiveStream – Tips and Tricks”

How To Monetize A Podcast – Four Effective Methods

No matter what brought you to podcasting, a question always arises: “Is there a way to make money with podcasting?”  The answer to that is always a resounding yes, but that then leads to the next question of, “How?” Take a look at four of the most effective ways to monetize a podcast.  With theseContinue reading “How To Monetize A Podcast – Four Effective Methods”