Promote Your Podcast on Linkedin Easily

Podbean has added Linkedin to the platform’s automatic social sharing tools, making it easy to promote your podcast on Linkedin. Tap into “the world’s largest professional network” to spread the word about your podcast. Linkedin has nearly 660+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. To set up social sharing to Linkedin,Continue reading “Promote Your Podcast on Linkedin Easily”

When Should You Publish Your Podcast?

When should you publish your podcast? Did you know that the times that you post can affect the visibility of your posts?  Or that by even adjusting the time you post your podcast can change how your listeners interact with it? There are many minute tweaks that you can do to increase visibility on yourContinue reading “When Should You Publish Your Podcast?”

Podbean LiveStream January 2020 Top Ten and Contest Announcement!

We at Podbean are ecstatic to see podcasters take to livestreaming. We envisioned Podbean Live as an indispensable tool in any podcaster’s toolbox for listener interaction and monetization. Our users have gone above and beyond in the ways they use Podbean Live. Livestreamers have run livestreams to discuss current events, deliver sermons beyond church doors,Continue reading “Podbean LiveStream January 2020 Top Ten and Contest Announcement!”

How To Make A Launch Plan For Your Podcast

The idea of how to launch a podcast sounds deceptively simple – as simple as podcasting can be, anyways.  Record your audio, open an account with a podcast host, submit your RSS feed, and you’re launched.  Right? While there’s nothing wrong with taking that approach, we’ve highlighted a few extra steps to take in yourContinue reading “How To Make A Launch Plan For Your Podcast”

Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks

You’ve now started your podcast. You want to get it into as many ears as possible.  Now how do you promote your podcast? How do you rise amongst the top podcasts with millions of downloads? These eleven tips and tricks will help get you get more eyes and ears on your podcast. Remember that firstContinue reading “Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks”

Promote Your LiveStream – Tips and Tricks

Livestream content has become an engaging form of media. Podbean now gives you the opportunity to livestream your podcast and engage your audience in new and exciting ways. What steps can you take to drive listener attendance and engagement to and with your livestream?  We’ve put together a list of best practices to promote yourContinue reading “Promote Your LiveStream – Tips and Tricks”

The Many Phases and Faces of Fans: The Gravity Beard Podcast on Community

As a content creator, it’s an accepted fact that a podcast is nothing without its fan following.  Whether your fans are the quiet sort that bring it up for recommendations, or loudly and meticulously buying merch, liveshow tickets, and behind-the-scenes patron-program access, all fans are good fans and welcome to be part of your show.Continue reading “The Many Phases and Faces of Fans: The Gravity Beard Podcast on Community”

Podcast Advertising – How It Works In 2019

Mack Weldon, a company that specializes in men’s socks, underwear, and shirts, spends 25% of their monthly ad budget on podcast advertising.  Why? Because they doubled their sales with a singular ad on the comedy podcast Comedy, Bang! Bang!   That’s right.  Doubled. The ad itself is a live read during one of their shows,Continue reading “Podcast Advertising – How It Works In 2019”

Podcast Marketing Plan: 5 Tips to Grow Your Podcast

Rise Above the Noise With These 5 Techniques Let’s face it: Maybe nobody’s heard of your podcast. It’s not entirely your fault. With over 660,000 active shows and 28 million episodes, it can be difficult to cut through all of that noise, both literally and figuratively. Besides, up until this point you were probably preoccupiedContinue reading “Podcast Marketing Plan: 5 Tips to Grow Your Podcast”