Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks

You’ve now started your podcast. You want to get it into as many ears as possible.  Now how do you promote your podcast? How do you rise amongst the top podcasts with millions of downloads? These eleven tips and tricks will help get you get more eyes and ears on your podcast. Remember that firstContinue reading “Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks”

Submit Your Podcast To Podcast Directories

There are many podcast directories where people can listen, subscribe and interact with podcasts.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular podcast directories and instructions on how to submit your podcast to them.  Click on each header to view your specific submission instructions. Update August 4th, 2020: With Podbean’s newest update to ourContinue reading “Submit Your Podcast To Podcast Directories”

Podcast Advertising – How It Works In 2019

Mack Weldon, a company that specializes in men’s socks, underwear, and shirts, spends 25% of their monthly ad budget on podcast advertising.  Why? Because they doubled their sales with a singular ad on the comedy podcast Comedy, Bang! Bang!   That’s right.  Doubled. The ad itself is a live read during one of their shows,Continue reading “Podcast Advertising – How It Works In 2019”

Five Steps to Recording a Quality Podcast

By Jacob Bozarth, Resonate Recordings Updated by John Kiernan on March 09, 2020 Podcasting is incredibly popular these days and the trends seem to show it’s not slowing down any time soon. It’s simple to do and usually not very expensive, making it approachable for many types of people. (You can get more information onContinue reading “Five Steps to Recording a Quality Podcast”

What Are Some Best Practices When Starting a Podcast?

(Modified on July 9th, 2019) Podcasts continue to explode in popularity. 124 million Americans have listened to a podcast, and 28% (or 73 million) listen monthly. The number of weekly podcast listeners is up by 6 million from 2017.  And according to Podcast Insights, the podcast trend has grown exponentially from there throughout 2018 andContinue reading “What Are Some Best Practices When Starting a Podcast?”

How to Get Your Podcast File URL

If you want to embed your podcast into other sites such as WordPress, Blogspot, etc. you may need to get the URLs of your audio or video files in Podbean. To get the URLs of your uploaded files, go to “Publish” -> “Media Manager”. From there just click on the file name desired, and you’llContinue reading “How to Get Your Podcast File URL”

Migrating to Podbean from SoundCloud

To migrate your podcast over to Podbean from SoundCloud, please follow the steps below. Step 1: Import your SoundCloud feed into Podbean Click on Switch to Podbean to sign up an account and import your podcast feed. Get your RSS feed in SoundCloud (see “RSS feed” on your content settings page and copy). Step 2:Continue reading “Migrating to Podbean from SoundCloud”

Total Podcast Feed Portability: Podbean Offers Permanent Feed

Podbean offers full flexibility for podcasters who decide to migrate their podcast. You don’t have to worry about moving your podcast hosting and dealing with changing feeds, losing subscribers, and all the other headaches. We doubt you’ll ever want to leave Podbean’s hosting platform, but you can be reassured that if you do so yourContinue reading “Total Podcast Feed Portability: Podbean Offers Permanent Feed”

How to Submit a Podcast to Google Play

Podcasts are now available (released in the U.S. and Canada currently) on Google Play Music. You can submit your Podbean-hosted audio podcasts so you can be found there! Go to Google Play to submit your RSS feed. You will need to 1. Add your RSS feed, 2. Confirm ownership, and 3. Publish. You need toContinue reading “How to Submit a Podcast to Google Play”

How to Manage Multiple Podcasts in One Podbean Account

In Podbean, we refer to different podcasts (sites/feeds) as channels. If you have a network podcast account (Podbean’s Network Plan), you can easily manage multiple channels in one account. To do so, follow these steps: Step 1: Log into your Network account. Click the “Channels” tab in “My Dashboard” page. Enter the podcast subdomain. ClickContinue reading “How to Manage Multiple Podcasts in One Podbean Account”