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Branded Podcasting: Amplifying Your Brand’s Voice with Lower Street

Are you a brand looking to elevate your podcast’s discoverability and reach a wider audience?

Join us for an exclusive event featuring Harry, CEO of Lower Street Studios, and Shannon, Podcast Production & Growth, as they share their expertise on boosting discoverability specifically for branded podcasts.

During this enlightening session, you’ll gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and industry secrets to maximize the impact of your branded podcast.

Harry and Shannon will delve into various aspects of discoverability, from conducting audits and implementing organic strategies to leveraging in-app promotions and PR strategies.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Audits of Shows: Learn how to conduct comprehensive audits specifically tailored for branded podcasts, uncovering the crucial elements that contribute to their effectiveness and discoverability.
  • In-App Promo: Discover successful techniques and campaign examples for promoting branded podcast relaunches on popular platforms like Podbean.
  • Programmatic Advertising: Explore the potential of programmatic advertising and how it can be harnessed to enhance discoverability and engage target audiences for branded podcasts.
  • Unveiling the Podcast Audit Process: Gain insights into the specific components of a podcast audit process and understand how it can optimize discoverability for branded podcasts.
  • Crafting Organic Promotion and Packaging Strategies: Learn effective techniques to organically promote and package your branded podcast, ensuring it resonates with your target audience and attracts maximum visibility.
  • PR Strategy for Branded Podcasts: Delve into successful PR strategies for branded podcasts, including engagement with platforms like Apple and Spotify, collaborations with publications, and leveraging podcast newsletters for increased exposure.
  • Unlocking Collaboration Opportunities: Discover how feed swaps and collaborations can create synergistic opportunities for branded podcasts, driving cross-promotion and expanding your audience reach.
  • Host-Read Ads as a Strategic Approach: Gain insights into the suitability of host-read ads for branded podcasts, and understand how to select the right fit to align with your brand’s messaging and target audience.

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