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Automatically Deliver Your Podcast to Your Mailing List with Podbean’s MailChimp App


Podbean has a great new way for you to easily share new episodes with your subscribers. We’ve integrated with Mailchimp email marketing service for automated email marketing.

To get started, simply get the MailChimp app in the Podbean app marketplace (free for all unlimited accounts). Enable the notification email and configure it as you wish. Then, when you publish a new episode, the email will automatically go out to your MailChimp subscribers (in the mailing list you choose). You can opt not to send an episode by simply clicking the MailChimp option off when publishing.

Connecting Mailchimp with Podbean also allows you to import premium subscribers/private members (if applicable) to your Mailchimp lists.

It’s easy and free to set up a MailChimp account if you don’t have one yet. You can also add a MailChimp subscribe form to your Podbean site, to help build your email list.

21 comments on “Automatically Deliver Your Podcast to Your Mailing List with Podbean’s MailChimp App

  1. So your servers are down and your clients’ content is unreachable going on 12 hours now–for the SECOND TIME in five days. No one is responding to emails or social media inquiries. But I’m glad you all have time to blog.

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  4. Doin' The Work

    There needs to be much more explanation of how to configure the email that gets sent out, especially for those of us who do not understand html. I have no idea what this means, nor do I understand how to add my logo and/or other wording. I just want something to go out to tell subscribers that there is a new episode and have a link to the episode. This should be easier to understand.

    “Cut and paste the following codes into the email body for the system to customize the email with your podcast information:

    {{podcast_title}} = Your Podcast Title

    {{episode_title}} = Your Episode Title

    {{episode_publish_date}} = Your Episode Publish Date

    {{episode_logo}} = Your Episode Logo

    {{episode_link}} = Your Episode Link

    {{episode_content}} = Your Episode Content”

    • soundofstillflowingwater

      Yes I agree completely. This plugin is a great idea but poorly executed. It is not very user friendly. I know only a little html and have had to modify the source code myself to change the logo and wording. If somebody did not know a little html it would be impossible to use this plugin. I hope that Podbean will continue to develop and upgrade this plugin as it is a great idea but more work needs to be done so that it can be simple for a user.

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