How To Edit Your Podcast

Not every podcast needs the same level of editing, but every podcast can benefit from some level of edits to ensure that it sounds as professional as possible. Learning how to edit your podcast will not only benefit you and your content, it will benefit any other podcast you may find yourself working on. WithContinue reading “How To Edit Your Podcast”

How To Start A Podcast: Podbean’s New Webinar!

Podbean is excited to announce our newest webinar: HOW TO START A PODCAST! So you’ve just decided to start your very own podcast! Now what? Join us as we take you through getting your podcast up and running with a few quick steps so you can focus on just making the best podcast! You’ll goContinue reading “How To Start A Podcast: Podbean’s New Webinar!”

Podcast 101 Wednesdays

Welcome to Podbean’s Podcast 101 Wednesdays!  On Podcast 101 Wednesday, we offer two different podcast webinars built to introduce you to podcasting.  Not only do you get an introduction to the technical side of podcast recording, but we also walk you through Podbean’s interface and how to start uploading your podcast! – How To RecordContinue reading “Podcast 101 Wednesdays”

Tools for Networking From Home

Whether you’re at a conference or networking from home, it is a chance to share experiences and talk about podcasting with other people in the industry. More importantly, it is an opportunity to forge connections within the industry that can have positive benefits for your content.   Physical events may not always suit your traveling abilitiesContinue reading “Tools for Networking From Home”

How To Record Your Podcast: Podbean’s New Webinar!

Podbean is proud to announce the latest webinar to join its roster: How To Record Your Podcast! In the world of podcast recording, there are so many different tools that you can use to record your podcast! Which tools should you choose to suit your needs? This webinar will aim to help you understand howContinue reading “How To Record Your Podcast: Podbean’s New Webinar!”

7 Limited Budget Tips to Invest In Your Podcast

Whether you’ve been running your podcast for a month or a year, there are always steps you can take to invest in your podcast. Sometimes our budgets don’t want to accommodate things like investing in new equipment. However, there are ways to grow your podcast without breaking the bank, whether or not these are financiallyContinue reading “7 Limited Budget Tips to Invest In Your Podcast”

How To Make A Launch Plan For Your Podcast

The idea of how to launch a podcast sounds deceptively simple – as simple as podcasting can be, anyways.  Record your audio, open an account with a podcast host, submit your RSS feed, and you’re launched.  Right? While there’s nothing wrong with taking that approach, we’ve highlighted a few extra steps to take in yourContinue reading “How To Make A Launch Plan For Your Podcast”

15 Ways to Promote Your Internal Podcast

Your internal communications podcast is an important resource for company’s training and communications. We’ve put together a list of ideas to help you promote your internal podcast. These tips will ensure its success, as well as aid in overcoming potential challenges in adopting podcasting as a new platform. 1. Share the podcast on employee sign-inContinue reading “15 Ways to Promote Your Internal Podcast”

Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks

You’ve now started your podcast. You want to get it into as many ears as possible.  Now how do you promote your podcast? How do you rise amongst the top podcasts with millions of downloads? These eleven tips and tricks will help get you get more eyes and ears on your podcast. Remember that firstContinue reading “Promote Your Podcast – 11 More Tips And Tricks”