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2022 Top 10 Podcasts – Brought to you by Podbean!

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With 2022 officially recorded (get it, because you record podcasts?), we can safely say that 2022 was yet another exciting year. The popular Podbean iOS and Android app saw an active user base of 500,000 monthly users and our podcasting community continues to flourish with such diverse, creative content. 

With that, we’re excited to announce the top podcasts from 2022! Here are some snapshots from our full 2022 listing. You can check out our full 2022 Top 10 Podcasts list here

The top 10 podcasts by listens/plays in the Podbean app. Podbean’s top 10 most popular podcasts of 2022 were: The Bible Recap, The Stew Peters Show, The Mel K Show, Right on Radio, The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast, Redpill Project – Waking Up The World, The Trueman Show, Nick’s Intel Podcast, Denník N Newsfilter, and Painkiller Already. 

Hottest New Podcasts

These podcasts, new to the Podbean app in 2022, hit the scene with a bang, bringing in top listen to stats among new shows. Freaked Out was top on this list.

Global Influencers

These podcasts demonstrate global listener popularity. They hit the top 100 for the most number of countries. For example, the #1 Global Influencer, The Bible Recap, is in the top 100 for 228 different countries. The #10 Global Influencer, Denník N Newsfilter, made the top 100 for 200 countries.

Most Comments

The podcast with the most comments in their Podbean listing is The David Vance Podcast. Actively-engaged audiences help podcasts grow. We see evidence of this, as podcasts actively engaging with listeners via comments in the Podbean app show solid growth and many also show up on the most popular list. Any podcast can submit/claim their listing in the Podbean app to engage with listeners and manage comments. It’s a great way to extend the podcast into a conversation.

Top 10 in Each Category

We’ve also listed out the most popular podcasts (listens/plays in the Podbean app) for each podcast category. Check out top podcasts in “Arts”, “Business”, “Comedy”, “Education”, “Games & Hobbies”, “Government & Organizations”, “Health”, “Kids & Family”, “Music”, “News & Politics”, “Religion & Spirituality”, “Science & Medicine”, “Society & Culture”, “Sports & Recreation”, “Technology”, and “TV & Film”.

We here at Podbean team want to wish you a wonderful, happy coming 2023 year of podcasting, good times, and beyond! And once again, congratulations to these and to all of 2022’s podcasters for publishing amazing content.

Check out the entire list of The Podbean Podcast App’s Top Podcasts of 2012. To learn more about Podbean visit www.podbean.com. Get the Podbean podcast app in the Apple app store or Google Play store and try out all its great features for both listeners and podcasters.

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