Corporate Communication Podcasting

More and more corporations are using podcasts. Corporate communication, both external and internal, can benefit from the podcasting medium.

How can a podcast help with corporate communication?

Internal corporate communication:

  • Easy communication with large groups of employees (including mobile and worldwide employees)
  • Efficient way for employees to get training and education
  • More impactful messaging via audio and video
  • Effective cross-department and organization-wide communication tool

External corporate communication:

  • Enhanced branding via storytelling
  • A more intimate communication vehicle, builds trust & engagement
  • Diversify your communication strategy
  • Strengthen collaboration with stakeholder/partner interviews

A Corporate Communication Success Story

Podbean has allowed us to reach an audience in a way that we’ve never been able to do before. Newsletters and email used to be the only way to get just-in-time content to our distributed sales organization. But with secure podcasts through Podbean, we’re able to push out a constant stream of updates to each of our targeted geographies and roles. We’ve gone from 0 subscribers to over 1200 internal users in just 6 weeks. — Director Enablement Technology, Global 2000 Software Company

A Customized, Turnkey Solution for Corporate Communication

Podbean developed our turnkey enterprise podcasting solution in response to the needs of our corporate customers. We’ve worked with corporations spanning the globe and in many industries. Podbean removes the hassle of developing and managing the necessary technology. Everything is in place for reliable, secure audio and video hosting and distribution.

pic4We build your enterprise solution around your needs. You can add the number of channels (podcasts), private members (employees), and admins that you need. Custom options include a branded site/custom apps, SSO support, email notifications, and group control. We also offer in-depth user behavior intel, so you can see precisely who consumes what content.

Learn more about Podbean’s enterprise podcasting for corporate communication.
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Turn Your Sermons into a Podcast in Three Steps

Want to put your sermons online for church members (and others) to access anytime? Podcasting is a great way to share church sermons, teachings, and daily devotionals. This gives your followers a regular dose of inspiration that they can easily incorporate into their busy lives.


It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to turn your sermons into a podcast. Creating a church podcast is easier than ever with Podbean’s mobile app. Here’s how you can turn your sermons into a podcast in three steps:

  1. Record your sermons (or other teachings, devotionals, etc.) using the Podbean app on your phone. First, download the free Podbean app (for iPhone and Android) and sign up for your Podbean account. You can simply put the phone near your pulpit to record, or use a headset (even the iPhone earbuds produce good quality audio) to record yourself sharing your message. You can edit the recording later also.
  2. Publish your sermon podcast. Create a title (and optional description) for this recording and hit “publish” when you’re ready to go. That quickly, your message can be accessed by your followers, via iTunes, Google Play, the Podbean app, on their computers, and in many other podcast apps.
  3. Share your new church podcast! You can easily share to social networks and embed your podcast on your church website and other sites. You can even share to Facebook and Twitter directly from the app when you publish. Now, your church members and others can hear your message even if they can’t make it to church. And, they can continue to reflect and deepen their understanding and connection in daily life.


Here’s a little more information about recording and publishing church sermons in the Podbean app:

Step-by-step instructions for the Podbean Android app

How to record and publish with the Podbean iPhone app

Now, you know how to turn your sermons into a podcast with your phone! We’ll also be sharing more about how churches are using podcasts, different options for recording, and various features that can help make your church podcast even better. Click “follow” in the sidebar to get our latest posts.

If you have any questions as you turn your sermons into a podcast, you can contact our Support team.

What is App Behavior Intel?

Podbean’s App Behavior Intel provides detailed analysis of listener behavior within the Podbean podcast app. This includes when and where podcasts are being listened to (and who is listening, in the case of private podcasts), as well as length of listening/what portions of the podcast were played. This data is only for listening that is done via the Podbean podcast app (for Android or iPhone), whether streamed or downloaded.

*See update below.


*This feature has been updated and is now called “User Engagement Intel“, available to all Podbean podcasters. It now includes data from all plays in both the Podbean app and through any Podbean player.

How to Get Your Podcast File URL

If you want to embed your podcast into other sites such as WordPress, Blogspot, etc. you may need to get the URLs of your audio or video files in Podbean.

To get the URLs of your uploaded files, go to “Publish” -> “Media Manager”. From there just click on the file name desired, and you’ll get a pop up window showing the URL. You can copy and paste this as needed.


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