Top 10 Podbean Podcasts of 2016!

We’re excited to congratulate the top Podbean podcasts of 2016! We have featured the overall most downloaded Podbean podcasts on the Podbean home page, as well as the top 10 in each category. Make sure to check them out and join us in congratulating these podcasters on their accomplishment.


Podbean currently hosts over 130,000 podcasts covering a wide array of subjects and styles. Podbean’s easy-to-use podcasting tools make it easy to start podcasting. And, our reliable podcast network with no-limits hosting, advanced features and monetization supports your podcast as it grows to new heights! To learn more about Podbean podcast hosting visit the Podbean features page.

Podcasters Speak: Why I Love Podcasting


Podbean’s International Podcast Day Contest

In honor of International Podcast Day 2016, Podbean ran a fun customer contest to celebrate podcasters. We asked podcasters to tell us what they loved about podcasting with Podbean. We chose one winner from Facebook and one from Twitter, who each received a free all-access VIP pass to Podcast Movement 2017!

Our winners were:

Adam Graham, the Your Life Useful Podcast

I had never really given podcasts the time of day until I downloaded Podbean. And since then, it has literally changed my life. Pulling me from a deep depression through the use of mindpodnetwork’s shows and 10% happier podcasts for meditation.

I then branched even further into the world of podcasting, exploring the behind the scenes of making a show and getting useful information out there to the masses. I have since then started my own show and host on Podbean and wouldn’t have had it any other way. The awesome UX makes it not only super simple for podcasters to host, but also integrates to the app extremely well, making it very easy and pleasant for the listeners.

My show focuses on showing people that useful thinking or asking yourself is it useful can literally be life changing by lessening stress, prioritizing your life, and overall being happier. So, I just want to say ‘thank you Podbean’. Your product has been extremely helpful. And also, WAY CHEAPER than therapy! lol.

Denise Warner, the Lesbian Lounge

Been using @Podbean for 7+ years, never had a problem with it or learning, growing and advancing! Rock stars of the Pod World.

We got so many great comments from Podbean podcasters! Here is some of the feedback we got during the contest:

Mark Collier, Fort Thomas Matters Radio

Podcasting gives me another outlet to tell the news and stories in the region I live in our ever-changing media landscape. Podbean makes it simple to do this and to allow our listeners (and readers and social followers) to get to know me better. There’s no better way to do this than through hearing me. Thanks Podbean!

Scott Wagaman, Watch Talk Wrestling

I love Podbean! Moved our show to Podbean after using another service. The customer service is great. It’s fast, friendly, and everyone has been easy to work with! I have made more friends with other Podbeaners cause everyone is just so friendly. Podbean has made my podcasting experience that much better. Thank you Podbean. Shout out and much love to Podcasting Smarter Facebook group!!!!

Lyle Jorgenson, the Boom Burst Podcast

I love using Podbean for podcasting because of the great analytical tools at our disposal, it really helps me see what episodes have done well and which ones haven’t. Plus it really makes uploading episodes easier and really simplifies the process. I’ve done it the “hard” way, and it can be a bit of a pain when you’re in a rush.

Steve Kondrick, Everything I Learned from Movies

I enjoy using @podbeancom because it’s the easiest way for newbies to the podcasting game like me to have a great RSS feed, easily download & post episodes, and have a customizable website with great interface capabilities with fans! It’s everything that a podcaster could need or want!

Chad Schubert, Everyman Sports

I love podcasting with Podbean because of the ease of use uploading, creating, and promoting episodes. I really enjoy being able to see the statistics of downloads and where they emanate from, which helps me to tailor the content towards those fans. Everyone I meet who talks about podcasting, I always rave about how Podbean has been to my show!

Dave Bullis, The Dave Bullis Podcast

I love podcasting with Podbean because of the use of use with the service and the fact the company actually cares to help out it’s fan base. Thanks Podbean!

Nikki Johnson, Let It Shine With Nikki Johnson Show

I love using the awesome platform of @Podbean for my podcast.
It is not only user friendly but their services are great! I also greatly appreciate all of the tips and options we are given to make our podcasts the best they can be.

Bob Cahill, The Bobcast

I love Podbean. It allows me to pretend it’s 1996 by having a conversation with someone face to face. Though, I post the chat on the World Wide Web, the sole inhabitant of the downfall of communication, it allows me to connect with others across the world. And for that, I am grateful.

Jeremiah Michael Stewart, Bombad Radio

I’ve been with Podbean for over 5 years and love it. It works so well to help share our stories, our insights, and interact and have always been improving! You guys have given us many ways to track our shows, good apps, and really it’s the best place out there to podcast!

And, here are just a few of the kind tweets we got from Podbean podcasters sharing the podcasting LOVE:

@iam_theWOOKIE: Very easy to use and quick uploads. Easy to find RSS feeds to spread your #podcast as well as tools to help you grow.

@Code_Greys_: We love #podcasting because shouting about television is way more fun w/an audience of people rather than pets, inanimate objects, yourself

@CloudedPodcast: I love #podcasting because it allows me to be creative and have fun at the same time!

@StuffHePlays: Easy access, setup and quick customer service at a fair price. Also the info available to me on the dashboard is fine indeed.

@TheDuchess1015: We LOVE Podbean and all of their support! Never any tech problems and customer service is TOP notch

We appreciate all the feedback. We welcome more comments here and would love to know how podcasting has impacted your life. Our team is looking forward to meeting our contest winners at Podcast Movement. If you attend, please make sure to stop by the Podbean booth to say hi!

Improved Comments Management in the Podbean App

Thanks to valuable podcaster feedback, we’ve made some great changes to the Podbean app. Users mentioned that it could be hard to locate and manage listener comments. You can now manage comments all in one spot, so there’s no more scrolling through episodes trying to find new comments.

Here are the easy options for viewing and managing your podcast comments:

  1. Go to your user center in the Podbean app and manage all your comments right there. The comments here will include all your podcast’s comments as well as any comments you’ve made on other podcasts. You can click “manage comments” to view, reply, delete or block comments on your podcast (and view profile or reply to comments on other podcasts).managecommentscomment
  2. Go to the podcast page. You will see a red button at the top, “Comments” where you can view all the comments on the podcast.comment2

The listener engagement functions in the Podbean app are a great way to interact with your listeners and build a strong community. Happy podcasting!




New Crowdfunding Feature! Publish Patron-Only Content for Your Podbean Patrons

Podbean has added a great new feature to our crowdfunding platform! Now, you can easily publish exclusive content for your patrons. Everything you need for publishing and management is integrated right into your Podbean dashboard making the process super simple.

If you are on your “My Crowdfunding” page you will see a “Publish” button under your campaign. Click there and you will be directed to your publishing page. As usual, you can upload a file or select one you’ve already uploaded and proceed with filling in show notes or other details. You will see three publishing options: free, premium, or patron. Select “patron”; you will have the option to designate this episode is available to all levels or only patrons at a specific dollar level (so it’s very easy to have different reward tiers receiving different content). When done, simply hit “publish”.


You’ll be able to see your published patron-only episodes on your crowdfunding page. Simply click on the “episodes” tab.


Patrons will receive an email notification when applicable content is published. They can listen online or in the Podbean app when logged in to their account. In the Podbean app, the patron-only episodes will show up at the top of the podcast episode list.


Apple iTunes Holiday Schedule 2016-2017

Apple sent an announcement (pasted below) to let podcasters know about their holiday schedule as related to iTunes and podcast submissions. Make sure to check it out so you can be prepared. The submission deadlines apply to new podcasts planning to launch on iTunes during this period. They also included their Support team holidays. We hope this helps you plan accordingly!

To prepare for the winter season, we’re adjusting our deadlines for Podcast submissions. If you plan on releasing new Podcasts on iTunes in December 2016 and January 2017, check the following submission deadlines:

Podcast Launch Date                    Submission Deadline

Dec. 5–11, 2016                                 Nov. 28, 2016

Dec. 12–18, 2016                              Dec. 5, 2016

Dec. 19–25, 2016                              Dec. 12, 2016

Dec. 26-Jan. 1                                      Dec. 12, 2016

Jan. 2–8, 2017                                     Dec. 12, 2016

Jan. 9–15, 2017                                 Jan. 2, 2017

Holiday Support Schedule

If you have questions or need support, you can always reach out to our Podcasts Support team. However, keep in mind that they won’t be available on the below dates, and Podcast approvals and response times on or around these dates may be delayed:

November 24 to November 25, 2016
December 24, 2016 to January 2, 2017

If you plan on launching any Podcasts during this time, we recommend submitting your podcast for approval as early as possible.