New Podbean Apps Released

Podbean has just released new, improved versions of its iPhone and Android apps with more user-friendly features for podcasters. The Podbean app offers podcast listeners an enhanced discovery and listening experience, and offers podcasters mobile podcast publishing and management.
In the apps’ new “user center” podcasters can:

  • View their podcast episodes and downloads/select stats
  • View followers and follow them back
  • Record and publish new episodes
  • Edit podcast information such as title, logo, and description

Download the latest version of the Podbean app from the app store or Play Store to enjoy all the great features.

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2015 Year in Review: Podbean Podcasts

2015 was an exciting year at Podbean! Our community has grown to over 120,000 podcasters producing great content in a huge array of subject areas. We made many improvements to better meet the needs of our podcasters, from launching our iPhone and Android apps (and the ability to record and publish right from your phone) to creating a podcast-specific crowdfunding platform. We look forward to an even bigger, better 2016 with a lot of new developments and more great podcasts.

We are proud of all the hard work our podcasters are doing and we’re especially excited to announce the top 10 podcasts (out of over 120,000) from 2015! Check them out at or in the Podbean app. You can also view the top 10 podcasts in each category on the Podbean website. Congratulations to these podcasters on this great achievement; we wish you all much success in 2016!