New, Improved Podbean Stats System

We recently paused our stats system to make some improvements. The new, improved system is now online. Previously, our media and statistics systems were coupled and stats were recorded directly as a media file was played. Unfortunately, since the stats system uses a lot of system resources, this could cause reliability issues if there was a massive surge in traffic, as we recently experienced.

Our top priority is making our system as reliable as possible, as we know you count on listeners always having immediate access to your podcast media files. Therefore, we have decoupled statistics from the file playing system so that file playing gets priority for system resources. The statistics system is now housed on dedicated servers to allow better file playing reliability for all our users, no matter how high traffic levels become. Your stats system will still have all the same great statistics and information you’ve come to appreciate.

Since the systems are separate, the statistics typically take about five minutes to be updated from the time a file is played. While the stats are typically recorded to your interface within a few minutes, it can range up to a few hours during high traffic periods. We will be monitoring the new system closely for performance.

Thanks for your patience during these updates. We hope this latest change will better serve our users’ growing needs. We are always working to improve our system to bring the best service to all our users at an affordable cost.