Podbean Launches Crowdfunding for Podcasters

Podbean has just launched the first crowdfunding platform exclusively for podcasters. With Podbean Crowdfunding, podcasters can easily raise a monthly income stream to support their podcast’s continued growth and development.

“We developed this program to address one of the top concerns of our podcaster community: how to fund the work they do on their podcast,” shared David Xu, Podbean Founder. “We’re excited to offer a seamless way for fans to support their favorite podcasts!”


With Podbean crowdfunding:
1.Fans can become patrons without extra steps, directly from Podbean’s app or your podcast site. Easily add badges to any site and share on social media for more exposure.
2.Patrons can support you with monthly pledges at various levels (you choose support levels, rewards and goals).
3.Easily manage and thank your patrons, check pledges and receive payments, right from your Podbean account.
4.Set up is EASY and totally FREE!

Sign up today at www.podbean.com/crowdfunding.
*Podcasters who do not use Podbean for hosting can still participate in Podbean Crowdfunding, by simply signing up for a free account and verifying ownership of the podcast they wish to fund.