How to Set a Static Page as Your Podbean Podcast Site Home Page

The static front page option allows a user to set a specific page to be the home page of their podcast site. So, rather than visiting your site and seeing a list of latest episodes (also called posts), the visitor can be presented with the page of your choosing. For example, your podcast site’s home page could be a general introductory page or attractive landing page.

Before proceeding, make sure you have first created a page to use as the static front page:

1. To create a page, simply go to “Layout”->”Pages” in your dashboard. Click the “Create a new page” button.



2. From the menu, navigate to Settings-> Display-> Display Options page.

3. Under “Front page displays”, check the static page option.

4. Select the page you would like to display from the “Front page” drop down menu.


How to Customize the Link URL for Your Podcast Episode

Podbean allows users to edit the permalink of each podcast post. This way you can customize your episode url to make it more SEO and user-friendly for linking. To customize your episode permalink, go to the episode post editor (either “Publish”–>“Episodes” to create a new post or click the pencil icon of an already published/drafted post). Then click the “More options” button at the bottom of the edit box.2
You’ll see more options below the edit box where you can then edit the permalink as you like. Please note that only alphanumeric characters or dash and underline are allowed.


How to Add a Sidebar Link to Your Podbean Podcast Site

You may wish to display hyperlinks (such as favorite blogs, your other sites, resources, etc.) in the sidebar of your Podbean podcast site. Podbean makes it really easy to do this!

To add a sidebar link on your podcast site, log into your Podbean account and go to the “Layout” ->”Sidebar Widgets” page. Drag and drop the links widget into the Sidebar section.

1 Then click the edit icon to add a new link. Click the ‘Add a Link” under the links group. Enter the link name, URL and select a link image if you want to. Click the checkmark icon under the Action section to save the newly added link. Click the save button at the bottom to save your changes.


Editing a Link: If you want to edit or delete the link, click the edit or delete icon under the Action section.


To add a Link Group: If you want to add a new link group to place related links together, just click the “Add a Link Group” to create one. You can pause your cursor on the link group name and click the related icon to edit the link group.


To add other types of widgets to your podcast site sidebar, read our Support article about sidebar widgets.

How to Customize my Podbean Podcast Site (Changing the Header and Background Images)

Once you choose a theme for your Podbean podcast site, you can customize it in various ways to better fit your topic and brand. Two common podcast site customizations are changing out the header image and the background image. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Log into your Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to “Layout”->”Themes”. Click on the edit icon to upload the header image and background image.

header customization

Step 3: Click Submit to save. You can always go back to the default image by clicking on the restore icon.