Podbean Podcast Player Now Available on Amazon Alexa

Great news! The Podbean Podcast Player has been added to Amazon Alexa. Listeners can now play podcasts with voice commands to Alexa for Echo and other devices. Podcasts must be in MP3 format to be played via Alexa.

How it works:

Search for “Podbean” in Alexa and enable the skill “Podbean Podcast Player”.


Listeners can play select top podcasts by title, such as “Alexa, ask Pod Bean to play the podcast Podcasting Smarter”. All Podbean business level podcasts can be played by title, as well as any Podbean podcast with an average of 1,000 downloads/episode in the last six months. These can be played with or without a linked Podbean account.

With a linked Podbean account, you can play the podcasts you’ve followed in Podbean using a shortcut command, such as “Alexa, ask Pod Bean to play followed podcast number one” or “Alexa, ask Pod Bean to play my podcast number one”. You can replace “one” with whichever podcast you want to play from your sequential followed list in Podbean. Any podcast can be played this way as long as it’s in the required MP3 format.

We hope you enjoy the convenience of listening to your podcasts with Alexa. Our team continues to work hard to develop cutting edge features and benefits on the Podbean platform.

6 thoughts on “Podbean Podcast Player Now Available on Amazon Alexa

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  2. April 18. I just enabled Pod Bean skill in Alexa. However when I try to play my podcasts I get the response that “this podcast doesn’t support https”. If I use other pod skills the podcast works. Am I doing something wrong? I use pod bean primarily so I like to keep my subscriptions synced with Alexa unless it won’t work.

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