18 thoughts on “Posting Your Podcast to YouTube: Podbean Launches Social Sharing to YouTube

    • Right now, the share function only pops up for new episodes, after the social account such as YouTube is connected. Any new or republished episodes would have the option.

  1. Thanks for this. You guys haven’t yet added the Youtube share button to the page ‘share and embed’ (where currently, you can go and share past episodes on Twitter, FB, Tumblr, etc.). Could you add that button there as well so we can share old episodes? Thx

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  3. As others have said, I’d love to be able to post past episodes (as it stands, I can only share the 46th episode) to youtube. Any chance this can be rectified in an update of the social share?

  4. Being able to share previous episodes is a must as evidenced by all the above (unanswered) comments to that effect. I hope this gets added very soon or we at least hear that you aren’t going to do it so that we can move on to another host who will.

  5. Please Podbean help us be able to post previously published episodes to You Tube. adding the share button in previous episodes would be helpful. Or better yet if there was a way to automatically sync your entire Episodes List with your You Tube Channel to publish all previous and future episodes to You Tube. Love Podbean, but please make this change for the better.

    -Retro Movie Roundtable Podcast

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