How to Embed a Podcast on WordPress

To embed a podcast on, simply copy the file URL into the post. Here is how to get the file URL on Podbean; then simply copy and paste it into your WordPress post. Here are samples of what the podcast episode will look like (audio and video) on a blog.



You can also set your Podbean account up so that new episodes auto-publish to your WordPress site. For self-hosted sites, you can customize the player; sites will have a simple play image which opens a new page to play the podcast.

4 thoughts on “How to Embed a Podcast on WordPress

  1. Does anyone post their podcast on their WordPress site? I’m trying to post my first episode, which for now is just a YouTube video. I made the link But looking at other podcast sites, it seems I should have it in a category, so that the links are like,,… Something like that. I made a new category called Podcast, but I don’t know how to make that part of the links. Does anyone know how?

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