How to Submit a Podcast to Google Play

Podcasts are now available (released in the U.S. and Canada currently) on Google Play Music. You can submit your Podbean-hosted audio podcasts so you can be found there! Go to Google Play to submit your RSS feed. You will need to 1. Add your RSS feed, 2. Confirm ownership, and 3. Publish.


You need to have at least 1 episode published and have the appropriate tags set up in Podbean:, or , and or (Podbean supports the iTunes tags, which work for both iTunes and Google Play). Login to google and “add a podcast”. If you don’t know your RSS, simply go to Settings→Feed/iTunes in your Podbean dashboard. At the top you will see “Your RSS feed” (

After submitting your RSS feed, you will need to “confirm email” (via the email in the RSS feed). Check for the email from Google and click on the “verify ownership” button (or use the code provided if the direct link doesn’t work). You will then be brought to a page to review the information pulled from your RSS feed. Check your artwork, title, description, and episodes there to confirm and click “publish podcast”.

Your show is now submitted and will be reviewed. You will receive an approval or rejection notice to the associated email address. If you have any problems, contact Podbean support for additional help.

12 thoughts on “How to Submit a Podcast to Google Play

  1. Good call-out, but now I have a problem actually getting on Google Play with my podcast: E-mail and author name is not in my iTunes feed because WordPress.COM seems not allow entry of those categories. I use WordPress.COMs feed to get my podcast to iTunes. I use Podbean to host the episodes (recently switched to you guys). What can I do to get on Google Play? – What happens if I use Podbean’s iTunes feed burner (that allows to add those categories) IN ADDITION to the one I already submitted through a long time ago? Will it create issues on iTunes? Will it replace the WordPress.COM feed and create issues with linking back to by podcasts notes, there? How else get around the e-mail address/author submit issue? Thx

    • Same problem. Go to podbean, then settings, then feed itunes. Take the link that itunes emails you (once you have been approved through itunes) and then copy and paste the url they give you into the itunes feed box.

      • rdalrymple19,
        I’ve tried to do this, but it doesn’t seem like I can get approved through itunes without first having a valid RSS feed. Any ideas? Thanks.

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