Migrating to Podbean from Blubrry

We make it really easy for you to move your Blubrry podcast over to Podbean

Importing Your Podcasts:

After you create a Podbean account, simply go to “Publish” in your Podbean dashboard and click on “Import RSS”. You will enter your old feed url there and the tool will automatically begin migrating your podcasts (titles and text will migrate immediately, audio and video files will take about 15-30 minutes to load).

Redirecting your Blubrry feed to Podbean:

1. Log into Blubrry’s Dashboard and click “Podcast Settings” under the Podcast Feed section.

blubrry redirect feed

2. Scroll the page until you get to the “Feed Settings” section. You can paste the Podbean Feed in the “Alternative Feed URL” field and save.

alternative feed

We recommend keeping your old feed/site in place for a few weeks to ensure all subscribers have moved across.

Update your feed in iTunes:

Here is the Podcasts Connect Help article on updating your RSS.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Podbean Support team at http://support.podbean.com/.


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